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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

How’s your website experience?

Here are five features your website should have to give visitors a great experience. A great experience will encourage visitors to become customers.

1. Live chat

In a digital world, speed is paramount. If your visitor has any questions about your product or service they want them answered on the spot. No answers, no purchase. You need to respond quickly, more quickly than the competition. That’s where live chat comes in. It’s like having a sales assistant on standby, live on your website, answering questions about your product or service. The exchange will increase customer satisfaction and help to build visitors’ trust. A visitor who is starting to trust you is more likely to give personal details even if they don’t make a purchase there and then. Research has, however, shown that more people made a purchase online after using live chat. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to up-sell as well as to understand customer needs better, informing future marketing.

2. Chat bots

Chatbots are virtual sales reps on your website. They help you start a conversation with visitors. Chat bots give the visitor a reason to stick around and explore the site. They can be programmed to guide visitors through the sales funnel. How? They answer a wide range of questions, offer help with purchase decisions, and pitch discounts and promotional offers on whatever it is that the visitor is most interested in. The chatbot helps them find information as quickly as possible over the course of a “natural” conversation.

3. Data capture

Your website needs to capture
i) Social demographics of your visitors. The name, age, gender and location of your visitor can be captured using an online form. Always offer an incentive to encourage visitors to fill in the forms. Use online form software to save time.
ii) Email addresses. These can be collected using pop-ups (windows that appear randomly requesting the site visitor to enter their email). They can appear immediately when someone visits your website or after using your website for some time. They can also be designed to appear when the user visits another page on your site.

4. Tracking Activity

To help you find out whether your website is working you can use Google Analytics. It shows how long people stay on your website, how they are sharing your content, the links they are clicking and what they are uploading or downloading. Google Adsense then uses this data to help you market to your visitors wherever they go, even on their social media pages.

Heat maps highlight visually which areas of the site attract the most attention or engagement. Warm colours indicate areas where attention is greatest, whereas cool colours show overlooked spots. Then it’s your job to get to work warming up those cooler areas!

5. Embedded video that works on mobile

Video will improve your website experience by helping to capture your visitors’ attention more effectively. Video helps visitors to get to know you, your products, services and even your staff before ever talking to you. It can also reinforce your branding by portraying how life could be when using your product or service – think video testimonials of satisfied customers.

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