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Give your message momentum.

Get a Fresh Perspective on Life This Summer

Wow! Those long summer nights begin to noticeably draw in… But hold up! Not yet. Another four weeks at least of summer fun. Summer’s best days will be here (and gone) before you know it, so it’s important to make the most of its opportunities ....

Another summer transition into August and then slowly autumn is upon us.
Wow! Those long summer nights begin to draw in noticeably…

But hold up! Not yet. Another four weeks at least of summer fun. Summer’s best days will be here (and gone) before you know it, so it’s important to make the most of its opportunities. Optimising your “down time” this summer means returning to your business with fresh drive and perspective. So, it’s time to plan to have fun! Here are some ideas from the brand marketing team here at Cre8ion that won’t cost you much but might increase your enjoyment of your summer break, whether it’s a vacation or a “staycation”.…

Broaden your mind
Choose two books. One fiction and one fact. Fiction helps us escape and think about differing situations and times. Fact books don’t have to be work books! Here’s a thought. Try using audible (for free). Give it a go. Try a podcast: Yes, there are so many to choose from. Why not try Gary Vee (get stuff done) and Grant Cardone (make more sales) Wimbledon Join The Story (great Wimbledon back stories) or 13 Minutes to the Moon (first successful lunar mission).

Go incognito
Go device free for a day, longer if you can and switch off. From everything. Take the phone that is least used in case of emergency, but go off grid. No emails! Carve out some quality time to do absolutely nothing and be present in the present.

Play some games
Invite your family and friends over in the evenings and play some board games together. Download a cool game. Have you tried the app “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” (iOS) (Andriod) You won’t be able to put it down until you’ve won the jackpot! Learn to play chess and find someone else who wants to play with you. This is really easy using some of the great chess apps (iOS) (Andriod) out there. You can pit your wits against chess players of every standard from all over the world!

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Embrace the outdoors
Go for a picnic in the park. Watch the sunrise and sunset. Even better, camp out in your back garden (if it’s safe to). Pitch a tent, have a BBQ, watch the stars. Learn where the different constellations are. Go for a bicycle ride. Try a new sport – archery, diving, golf. Why not go for an outdoor swim somewhere? Only if the water is clean and safe. Growing up I swam in our dirty local canal and even once abroad in a water treatment works! I would not recommend either…

Pass it on
Bring something back for your team from wherever you choose to go over your break (even if it’s somewhere relatively local). It means a lot to anyone who did not go away themselves to be remembered. Take one of your children’s friends away with you on holiday. This will exponentially increase the summer holiday fun factor for your children. Give positive reviews on Trip Advisor to places and restaurants you visit. Make the proprietor’s day.

Make new friends
If you go abroad to a country where another language is spoken, download a translation app and have a go at communicating with a sympathetic native speaker! Alternatively, try to communicate via traditional methods using the Duolingo app.

A break from routine can be an opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and get a new perspective.
We’ll be staging our breaks here at Cre8ion to offer an unbroken service to you over the summer. If you return refreshed after a break and you would like to refresh your brand marketing or website design please contact us.

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