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Give your message momentum.

Success is Just Around The Corner


How are you feeling this last week in August….all ready for the beginning of September? Have you been buying stationery or uniforms? The last full week of the holidays sees many of us busy preparing our kids or ourselves for a successful academic year. September is just around the corner. Everybody ready?

I got to thinking that entrepreneurs need to prepare for success too. If you have planned for success, then you and your staff are all headed in the right direction. What about when the planning stage is over? Preparing for success is all about getting ready. Success is just around the corner.

Are you ready for success?

Think about it…what would happen if your dreams of success came about all in one go? Would you be ready? Have you, as an entrepreneur, prepared for that actually happening? If you received sudden publicity and the demand for your services multiplied exponentially overnight, would you have the tools and the processes in place to cope with the demand? I think about how my Dad had his tools hung on the garage walls with a neat yellow line painted on the wall around each one. You could see clearly where each one belonged.

Why? In preparation for the day when his children would themselves develop similar interests to his own and start to use them. There was absolutely no chance of any of his tools going missing. How about you? Would your website cope with an influx of visitors? Is it ready to capture data and start an online conversation with potential customers? Or would you miss the opportunity because you’re not geared up in the digital department?

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When success happens what will you do with it?

There are many stories about people who spent a lot of time and energy chasing their dreams. When the dream became reality and they became rich they refocused their lives and dedicated themselves to helping and inspiring others. They became mentors and benefactors and helped other people facing challenges in their young lives.

Is it all about you or would you use your success to help improve the lives of others? Do you have an idea of who you would like to help if money were no option? There is certainly a lot more reward to be had in life if we share our success with others and help them along their path. A good way to gauge how you would handle success is to look at what you are doing now. If you currently do nothing to help others out then you’ll probably do the same when your boat comes in…you’ll spend it all on yourself. Make a change today.

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Who will you take with you?

If you have a family, are you investing time into them so that you can enjoy success together? Or is your quest for success driving a wedge between you and the one(s) you love? As an entrepreneur it is possible to be quite driven at work and when you arrive home you have had enough of being the one that is continually doing the pushing. Putting your feet up and switching off completely might be more your thing. Don’t forget the ones at home who have also sacrificed to see your dreams fulfilled. Take them with you and celebrate milestones along the way.

If you need any help getting ready (with your digital communications at least) please contact us.

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