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How Does Your Brand Stand in the Qualifying Group?

While MPs in Westminster are wrangling over Brexit, Europe (including Great Britain) is going through the preliminary, qualifying stages of the UEFA 2020 tournament.

Here’s a little breakdown of what’s going on, just in case you didn’t know…
55 European countries will compete to qualify for UEFA 2020, split into ten groups of either five or six and the matches will be played across 12 different countries.

Only the top two from each group will qualify for the EURO final tournament which equals 24 teams in six qualifying groups of four. The top two in each group will progress to the knockout phase together with the four best third-placed sides.

So what is your brand standing in the qualifying group? Or, in other words, how is your brand placed to make it into a winning position?

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Your Goalkeeper

A great goalkeeper will command their area and protect their goal by always being in the correct position. Being in the right place at the right time allows the outfield players to rely on and have confidence in the goalkeeper behind them. A great goalkeeper does not concede goals.

Think of your website’s capacity to capture data as your goalkeeper. Your website is functioning twenty four seven, working on your team’s behalf to land opportunities for you. Is it positioned well, collecting data rather than letting it go through its hands, putting the team at a deficit? Saving data is what it’s all about!

Your Defence

A strong defence is about having consistency and integrity. A good defender does so much more than simply keeping the other team from scoring. They provide vital information to teammates on the field and have strong technical skills, mental toughness, and physical fitness.

Think of your brand as your defence. Are your mission, vision and values clear in all your communications? Does your brand add value to your customer? Does a visitor to your website come away with helpful information to help towards solving their problem even if they don’t make a purchase straightaway? Does your website have a regular blog to reinforce your brand values?

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Your Midfield

Your midfield creates opportunities by catching attention, putting people through on goal. The midfield is the engine room of any football team, and midfielders are usually the fittest players on the pitch. Creative midfielders create opportunities to score goals, finding the gaps in the markets….Your wingers need to be able to run the channels and know which channel works best. They require brilliant all-round ability to play their role successfully and help the team achieve their goals.

Your midfield is represented by your marketing strategy; your social media, LinkedIn presence and an easy to find website with great user experience.

Your Strikers

To be a winger or a striker you need pace, be able to shoot/cross well, control, strength, positioning and instincts as to where the ball will go and when to make a run.

Your strikers are your sales team. They have the confidence to finish. Your sales people need to reflect your brand and be able to quickly identify exactly what the client needs.

All of these working together ensure that your brand will emerge top of the group and can qualify for the big time. Contact us for help with tactics.

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