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Give your message momentum.

A Revelation Today Can Reinvent Tomorrow

Life can change. Back in 2001, I embraced change that made me choose life over career.

In the process of discovery, I reset my values, changed my vision and discovered my purpose!

Sometimes you can be doing the right thing but with the wrong motive. Fix that and you’ll build a life less ordinary.

Then I got married, become more missional and embraced a life of faith. 18 years on, life looks very different… and better!

Reinvention is something that takes an existing audience time to adjust to. Previous customers might struggle to adapt and want to hark back to the good old days. However, if the distributor is the one who wants to change they can have significant influence.

All companies have a responsibility to move with the times and the UN’s 17 Sustainable goals mean that many companies are now having to think and operate differently.

The emergence of the B-Corp model allows companies who yearn to be better to meet higher standards (of their own volition) in terms of transparency, accountability, and performance.

In order to be better in trade and recruitment, there are three core things that help us evolve as businesses and adapt to a new audience.

ONE: Purpose

Simon Sinek has been quoted millions of times. “Discover your Why”. If you are in business and have not heard this then please take a look here. If you have (those that network have heard this countless times) you’ll know that your “Why” is explicitly linked to your purpose.

Essentially, purpose gives longevity. Mission statements encapsulate and communicate purpose. ‘Why’ answers the question, purpose demands that we keep answering it.

Decisions made according to purpose are intentional. Our commitment to purpose makes an impact. While we’re on the earth we have a job to do and we can help others enjoy working towards purpose.

Regardless of your religious standpoint or musical preference, it’s clear to see that Kanye West believes that he has stepped into purpose. Rather than creating a life that others used as a means of escape, Kayne now wishes to be a better husband, father, son. That’s got to be a good thing.

TWO: People

Often overlooked, ignored and seen as a resource. Really? Human Resource. That’s a term that needs changing! People are the most precious beings on the planet. Yet, to see people as simply a resource is doing our race a huge disservice.

You cannot do purpose without people and people cannot live life to their maximum without purpose.

We create large charts and fill in the boxes but I challenge any CEO to find out where each individual they recruit wants to head. When we hire someone we think about how they can serve our purpose but we should also be thinking of how we might help them in theirs. If we can’t help them then we are not the right fit for them. If we can help them then we must also accept that it is for a season (obviously we wish it’s a long one, but understand that as much as recruiting them is an entry strategy, there’ll also be an exit strategy).

How you leave is just as important as how you enter in business. Leaving well should always be the aim. It opens more doors, extends our reach and builds on collaboration.

As leaders we should see ourselves as stewards of purpose rather than dictators. When everyone can win, you’ll have a great culture. Making choices that may affect profit in the short term but create a better environment for work and life win in the long term.

Cre8ion adopted the 4-Day work week on a two-week cycle. It changed our brand marketing agency. 6 months on, we’ve hit our stride. Our staff are happier, our clients are winning and business is growing.

THREE: Planet

We are exceptionally blessed living where we are. The planet is important. We need to take care of the miracle in which we live.

It starts with finding suppliers that care and educating those that don’t care.

Our globe has its challenges and as businesses, we can all do better. We are not the only living beings on earth, we have a responsibility to take care of it.

Nothing makes us think more about the future than when you become a parent or an uncle or aunt. You suddenly realise that it isn’t all about you. But how do you leave a better planet?

Your choices today might affect tomorrow’s generation, but in the meantime, don’t forget yesterday’s generation, they’re the ones who got us here. We might never fight a war, but those that have demand respect. We can be a force for good and those in business should grasp that opportunity with both hands.

So, find a cause that helps the planet. If it’s investing more in people commit to it, if it’s looking after animals or planting trees, do it.

Yes, there is much wrong with the way the world is BUT there is much right with it. Climbing a mountain, seeing the stars, the changing seasons.

Whatever your business is, it’s already making an impact on the planet, make sure it’s a positive one. With the rich opportunity you have, don’t waste it.


Purpose, people, planet are at the core of great businesses and great brands. One such brand is who has made it her mission to impact these areas.

We worked with her to execute her story and it was her journey that inspired us to write this article as well as wanting to share about how being focussed helps you embrace life and opportunity. Make a choice today, leadership is influence. Make sure you are influencing positively.

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