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Give your message momentum.

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The workforce is changing, with an increased focus on being a force for good rather than just being a resource, after all, who wants to be a “Human Resource”?

It’s interesting to see how people of one generation dismiss the changes sparked by a new generation and their view of life. Just mention Greta Thunberg and you see how polarised viewpoints can be concerning caring for the planet.

We can all do our part when it comes to taking care of or “stewarding” the planet. Whether it’s picking up litter or limiting our single-use plastic purchasing, stewardship matters… and if you are building a brand, stewardship really matters. Just in case you didn’t know, a brand has a voice (usually the founder’s voice and heart) and it includes what others say about it. The branding supports that narrative in the form of assets.

When it comes to recruitment, the founder’s underlying purpose will be what drives the staff. If the owner’s purpose and vision are to make as much money as possible and then get out, the team that supports this vision will seek the quickest ways to make money too – and for them that might mean moving company to the highest bidder. Retention is low and people walk around entitled, rather than intentional, loyal and inspired. When you follow a cause and not cash you ultimately are more fulfilled and rewards follow.

Making money for money’s sake isn’t enough as, once the money has been made, those involved will still be left looking for a “sense of purpose”. Why not include a sense of purpose in a brand’s DNA from the outset? Sustainability (good stewardship) helps give any company purpose and Cre8ion will help you discover it or, at the very least, communicate how you do it more effectively.

A company that has a purpose at its heart meets the needs of today’s workforce.

 This generation will tell you that they want to make an impact… which begs the question, “Is it possible to make a living whilst making an impact?” I now believe it is and many other CEO’s have also come to this conclusion over time and they want to recruit people with the same heart.

At our brand marketing agency, Cre8ion, our mission is to ‘Use the media to create community impact, globally’. Formally, our focus was simply to raise finance to make community impact, but now it’s more than that. As well as giving to causes, we are helping businesses to create impact by making them aware of their responsibilities.

Some companies are already making an impact but they aren’t telling anyone about it (ie. it doesn’t feature in their brand narrative). That’s where we can help. We worked with one company, aligned their ongoing activities around sustainable goals and a contract was renewed as a result. It wasn’t that our client didn’t care, they just weren’t ‘speaking’ the language of the audience they were looking to engage.

So, when we dismiss other generations we miss the point. We all think differently but that doesn’t stop us from working together. We can bring a mix of experience and innovation to the table and be better, kinder and more effective at building positive businesses that not only create jobs but also leave a legacy.

A case in point is Robert Woolf, CEO of Made Open, an old friend of mine. The guiding principle behind his company is to design solutions that help communities become more resilient. Made Open offers Community Builders or Link Workers the ability to create ‘sub-accounts’ for older users who are digitally or socially excluded. This means that people without emails can still have online accounts, which can be managed by carers or loved ones.

Made Open has just been awarded status as a B Corp (a business that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose) and as such will help to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

B Corps are just another way companies can shift from cash to cause. At Cre8ion we are looking to pursue the B Corp route with some help from Robert.

We love working with companies that want to be better and do better, so if you need help to create an even better business through authentic brand building then get in touch with us today.

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