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Give your message momentum.

10 Ways to Beat Fear When the Going Gets Tough.

Fear can be a real thing. Just say the word Coronavirus!

Although fear is real when you run your own business startup, living in hope is better. So, here are ten tips to help you in the hope department and put everything into perspective.

1. Failure is temporary.

Even if we fail, how we deal with failure determines the lesson we learn. I love the statement “You either win or learn”. If you approach life in that manner you can channel failure into something much better and brighter.

2. Be realistic.

We need people around us that speak sense. Every problem needs a realistic approach so that we can address the cause of the pain rather than just dealing with the symptoms. A realistic approach means no sugar coating – face the truth, make a plan with the hope of a much better future.

3. Positive people.

We also need to avoid “catastrophising”. This is when we look at the challenge but fast forward mentally to the worst possible outcome. At this point, we need people who are further down the road of life than we are. Peers are great but they may not be able to see into the future! Others can advise you from their past, although perhaps not in everything. A younger generation may have challenges that are completely outside an older framework of reference. Essentially, you need to have a circle with a wide age range and diversity in terms of the sectors you are working with.

4.  Have a plan.

It pays to have people who like to plan around you if you aren’t a great planner. A goal without a deadline is a dream. You make dreams become a reality by taking small steps towards the goal. 30, 60 and 90-day plans are great ways to achieve the goals you are setting yourself. Learn to love it when a plan comes together.

5. Share your story.

Nothing builds up hope more than focussing on past achievements and successful hustles. Imposter syndrome will whisper that if you’ve not ‘arrived’ yet then you’ve nothing to say, BUT sharing your story will actually help you as well as others!

6. Life changes.

One thing we have to accept is that nothing is forever. Life brings change with it. In my own journey as CEO of a brand marketing agency, people and relationships have changed. In different seasons we might need to work with different people.

7. Remember why you started

Yes, this may sound a bit jaded but in the midst of tough and trying times, we can forget… You are more resilient than you realise. Your ‘why’ keeps you going as you work out the ‘how’ (for this season) and the ‘what’ if the landscape of the sector you’re in changes.

8. Give more

Be generous to those around you. In tough times, when you feel fearful, being generous seems impossible. When you invest in someone else, however, you actually come out of survival mode. Buying someone lunch could actually open unexpected doors.

9. Reconnect

We all have mobile phones, full of numbers that we don’t call. Why don’t we? Just last week I connected with an old friend who has turned his business into a B-Corp. It was inspiring and has helped us to make some plans of our own.

10. Pray.

Might seem a bit pointless if you don’t believe in anything. I do believe in God and those that know me know that it’s part of who I am. I can share countless stories of where all else has failed, prayer worked. In fact, what I learned was to pray before it got desperate.

These 10 things refire my hope in times of crisis and build my faith back up. We need to follow professional advice but we mustn’t let fear win, it’s often just False Evidence Appearing Real.

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