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Give your message momentum.

Its Times Like These We Need a ‘Cause to Action’, Not Just a ‘Call to Action’.

One of my favourite songs is ‘Times like these’ from the Foo Fighters. Maybe you’ve heard the Foos’ recent re-recording, joined by a number of other stars, for Radio One’s Live Lounge AllStars for the BIG Night In fundraiser!

This absolutely captures the current mood, more so than ‘Imagine’, a bit earlier in the Coronavirus crisis. The words describe the self-reflection in every household across the country.

It’s times like these you learn to live again
It’s times like these you give and give again
It’s times like these you learn to love again
It’s times like these time and time again

It’s as if, up until now, life has been a constant call to action, chasing after things that don’t matter. Now we are looking for something more – like a cause to action. A time to learn to love again.

Which brings me to talk about brands.

If you want your brand to really resonate, people will demand more than just a transaction, they want to know what impact it will actually make. We told the story of Toms last week and how they make a much-needed impact.

What could you do to give back, to inspire, re-fire, and share the love…

We’ve all seen, ‘Download Now!’ and ‘Learn More’! as calls to action. But how about a cause to action? Where could we add value?

The ‘call to action’ is defined:

A call to action is the sentence (or button) that tells the reader what they should do and motivates them to do it.

Calls to action can be used to pull in first-time visitors to your website, capture their contact information and turn them into prospects, so you can continue to market to them. Think pop-ups.

Calls to action can be used to target specific buyers, turn prospects into leads, and then into customers. Think forms and buttons on your landing pages,

Calls to action are marketing bread and butter. The CTA… It’s how conversion rates are discussed. When a company is not getting the best results they make continual tweaks to their CTAs, investing in them and trying to make them more persuasive or effective… but what if they still they don’t deliver?

Research has shown that businesses who lead with purpose, grow at three times the speed.Deloitte

The ’cause to action’ in mind:

The ’cause to action’ reminds us that we have a responsibility. The general public is demanding that we make a difference, and those that do good will win in the long term.

We want to inspire today’s businesses with a ‘Cause to Action’. We want to help companies to adopt a cause that inspires engagement. Those who buy in are immediately involved in a higher cause.

Our brand marketing agency Cre8ion’s Mission Statement states our cause. It has also helped us to attract the right type of clients, ones that fit with the cause:

‘Using the media to create community impact, globally.’

Doing business to benefit others (and not just the bottom line) is exciting. It creates a legacy. You can make your company a better prospect to a discerning audience and in the process, you get to help others live a better life. Win win.

The MVV Challenge:

So… how are we going to share the LOVE in times like these? Well, Cre8ion are taking the unprecedented (we’ve heard that word a few times) decision of giving everyone access to our Mission, Vision and Values workshop, The MVV Challenge.

You can sign up to this new initiative to help inspire companies to align purpose with potential and reinvent your business or give you the confidence to embrace a cause to action.

We declare that the CTA, as we know it, is dead, long live the new CTA!


The Foo Fighters said it better…

It’s times like these you learn to live again
It’s times like these you give and give again
It’s times like these you learn to love again
It’s times like these time and time again

So, let’s change tomorrow today and step into action.

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