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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

The FREE Facebook MVV Challenge is back on 6th July. Here’s Darrell on why you should do it…

‘Remind us again of the difference between mission, vision and values?’

Mission is about purpose. Without purpose, we do life at 110 mph and feel as if we are not achieving anything. Lacking a sense of purpose means changing jobs, roles and career or even sector continually and not being entirely happy with where you are going. Without a sense of purpose a business owner might be thinking, hang on a minute, I had a vision and mission in place and I’ve drifted away from it. The MVV Challenge enables a reset back to “Why” you started the business in the first place.

Mission is about your ‘Why’. It’s what you feel that you are on planet earth to do.

Vision is your end goal. What does success look like? Be specific about that. Fast forward everything to the end and then begin with that end in mind. Vision can be unfolding as well. Take NASA, for example, whose vision was initially to land open the moon and when that was achieved their end goal became to land on Mars, ie. the end goal grew bigger.  

Why would you recommend doing the MVV challenge in particular?

Post COVID-19, business owners will have had a lot of time to reflect on what they really want for their businesses. The MVV Challenge will help them to focus on how they want to build for the future and what kind of legacy they want to leave. The MVV Challenge helps people to build their business ‘on purpose’.

What success stories came out of the last challenge?

The 24 attendees came together as a community, sharing stories and encouraging one another in the situation (lockdown) in which they found themselves. People immediately started to connect and to do business with each other within the group. What was great was that those conversations continued between people who would not otherwise have met to do business or explore new opportunities together.

Also, at the end of the process, when they had a clear mission, vision and values it brought clarity in many other areas too, giving them confidence and the impetus to get out there at the end of lockdown and make some profit!  

Who are the kind of people that would benefit most from the MVV?

There are a lot of people going back into business following the recent slow period with some trepidation about how it’s all going to pan out. Especially considering that some of their competitors may have continued to trade and moved forward despite the COVID situation. Granted, there are some sectors which have had to furlough as going to work was not possible. Other businesses have taken advantage of the situation to increase their network of connections and are now feeling primed and ready to go.

The MVV challenge is for businesses that need help to focus to face the future, as it will give them clarity and direction.

Also, those businesses who want to attract the best talent. A lot of people will be on the job market in the immediate future, many of whom will be ’cause’ focussed and looking for a role with a purpose. A business that can provide a clear mission and vision with the kind of values that appeal will win the best talent and retain them.

What advantages does knowing your mission, vision and values give you over your competition?

When you know who you are it’s a lot easier to work out who your audience is. Many companies spend a lot of money trying to work out the ‘What’ (the right offer) and the ‘How’ (the best vehicle for getting it into the customers’ hands). As a result, businesses change their websites and regularly change their offers. What they need to find out is actually ‘Who’ they are.  

When you have an identity problem your priority is to gain acceptance and unfortunately this is only too easy to see. It puts your focus on yourself rather than on the audience you are there to serve. When you know who you are it gives you a sense of confidence and you are much happier to serve your audience. Knowing your ‘You’ allows you to discover your ‘Who’ which informs your ‘What’ and your ‘How’. (perhaps you need to update your website to reach the demographic you are looking to engage, or get people into a funnel or into a Facebook Group to access an offer)

We describe it like this:

The MVV Challenge will help you to know your ‘You’, discover your ‘Who’ (your audience) and then you know what to ‘Do’ (that’s the offer). Once you know what to ‘Do’ you’ll know how to ‘Woo’ your client.

When you are confident in who you are it shows and it’s attractive.

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So how can you sign up to the MVV challenge?

Simply go to and register your details. Answer the questions about your business and where it’s headed and we’ll send you an email to the private Facebook group. You’ll be able to connect with others as they join and the teaching will commence on the 6th of July. It’s five days of one hour sessions of which the first is the intro session, followed by a day on mission, then vision, then values and a final day to round up and help you on certain aspects of ‘brand’. The great thing is that it’s all very interactive with people writing on each other’s walls, doing business with one another and live video sharing (within the group).

Hope to see you there!

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