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When Painting By Numbers Holds You Back…

When we are young we are taught to play within the spaces, colour within the lines and follow the arrows. Young pioneers question this, they are always asking why…? The question often brings a rebuke and sometimes a judgement… the young pioneer, the person who always asks why is ‘causing trouble’.

Those people who dare to ask why can identify problems, change the outcome and reset common beliefs that hold everyone back. From the Wright brothers to Roger Bannister, they all asked the challenging question of,  ‘What if we could?’ They chose not to join the chorus of naysayers and they changed perceptions, leading a whole new generation of believers to reinvent.

Reinvention can be born out of a crisis. Sometimes we react to it and sometimes we are the cause of it. Here are two things that have changed lately and called for reinvention:

  • Working from home isn’t an excuse any more, it has become a necessity, meaning that a long commute and a huge office space are no longer needed.

According to government statistics, industrial sectors, such as information and communication, professional, scientific and technical activities, financial and insurance activities, and real estate activities, provide far more homeworking opportunities. Occupations requiring higher qualifications and experience are also more likely to provide homeworking opportunities than elementary and manual occupations.

In our brand marketing agency, we are enjoying the infinite possibilities that homeworking creates.

  • Broadcasting has become a two-way conversation and you don’t need a passport to travel the globe.

Consider Zoom..

A Chinese-born software engineer, Mr Yuan started the company in 2011, after years rising through the ranks at WebEx, one of the first US video conference companies, which was purchased by Cisco in 2007 for $3.2bn.

At the time, he faced doubts from many investors, who did not see the need for another option in a market already dominated by big players such as Microsoft and Cisco.

But Mr Yuan – who has credited his interest in video conferencing to the long distances he had to travel to meet up with his now-wife in their youth – was frustrated at Cisco and believed there was a demand in the business world for software that would work on mobile phones and be easier to use.

When the firm sold its first shares to the public last year, it was valued at $15.9bn. That shot to more than $58bn on Tuesday (that’s 26.5.20).

“What Zoom has done is kind of democratised video conferencing for all kinds of businesses and made it very simple for everyone from yoga instructors through to board room executives to deploy video,” says Alex Smith, senior director at Canalys.

Like Mr Yuan, we too can embrace the circumstances and rise against the restrictions, seeing them as opportunities to build community.

This is where I challenge the dreamers, the innovators, the pioneers. Here it is.

Cause the crisis. That’s right. Look at the way you do things and say… no more.

Change it. Mess it up. Stop trying to keep doing what you’ve done and look up at the new landscape that is set before you.

The reason you are failing or anxious is because you are trying to do the same as before.

Well, you don’t always need permission, someone telling you in black and white it’s ok.

Do it. Change it!

Mr Yuan’s visa application to the US was denied 8 times and now he is a billionaire.

No More Painting by Numbers…

Don’t paint by numbers, embrace new colours and paint it your way. When you remove the boundaries you are free. The principle is to create without restrictions. Painting this way you won’t have numbers ruining the landscape. You have an ability to create the way only you can.

Boundaries restrain creativity but you don’t have to think inside the lines. You see, painting pictures should be about inspiration and imagination. Brilliance is allowing the imagination to lead you, not the opinions of a limited mindset. The greatest inventions and reinventions can happen in a field where you have no experience! Sometimes the more you know the more you become intimidated!

While the world becomes distracted by restriction, remember that all things are subject to change.

Don’t get consumed by what can’t be done but look at what can be done!

Then when someone says no, ask why?

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