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Give your message momentum.

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This week we welcomed Roz Hutchings as our new Client Strategy Manager to Cre8ion.

Roz Small Blog, Cre8ion
How did you find out about Cre8ion?

I knew Darrell from the Natwest Entrepreneur Accelerator Programme, otherwise known as E-Spark. I had been running a website and content creation agency called ‘Pump’ since 2017 and when I joined E-Spark I was introduced to Darrell by a business mentor. I left E-Spark in March 2019, inspired to change my business and teach online dance classes.  

During the COVID lockdown, I realised how much I missed going into the office and working with a team of people every day. I put a message on our friendship group wall, Darrell got in touch and here I am! 

At Cre8ion we are all about storytelling. What’s your story Roz?

Well. I started out as a secondary school teacher – art and music were my subjects. I did that for a while but I wanted to become involved with radio as I had a certain fascination for it. I had always liked the idea of taking something complex and breaking it down and communicating it in a simple, straightforward way. I also enjoyed the radio’s interactive aspect. A bit like teaching really. Anyway, I got a placement with the BBC which led to ten years of employment there. 

In 2013, the climate in radio started to change with the advent of automation and pre-recorded radio shows. The interactive element that I loved was starting to disappear.  I wanted to get involved in the digital world and I started blogging for companies who reported a huge uptake on the content. Then I set up my own digital business, ‘Pump’ which I ran for three years.

What do you think is the most important thing in marketing?

Authenticity. We are all unique and you need to be able to communicate your uniqueness. The more authentic and real you are the stronger the emotional connection you have with your audience. Once I was approached by a wedding photographer who was trying to stand out from the crowd in his marketing. The thing was, he was a bit of a ‘reluctant’ wedding photographer. He didn’t really like doing the traditional, slightly awkward wedding shots. After some deliberation, he decided to be brave and communicate a little of what he was really about. The ensuing bold marketing campaign I put together saw his conversion rate rise from 20% to 90% and he was finally being phoned by grooms rather than brides. The kind of wedding shots he really loved to take were edgy, industrial and avant-garde. He was the most surprised to find that there were a lot of customers out there looking for someone like him, and as soon as he revealed his authentic self he started to connect with his customers on an emotional level and the rest, as they say, is history.

What kind of things are you most looking forward to doing at Cre8ion?

Launching podcasts. The world of podcasting is still fairly young and democratic and there aren’t that many people out there applying broadcasting standards to what they are producing. The years of experience and knowledge I have gained in the sphere of broadcasting, combined with Darrell’s message, are going to make for some really outstanding podcasts which will be relevant to a wide audience. If you don’t receive our blog sign up here and we’ll let you know when the podcast is going live. I’m also really excited about working with a thriving brand marketing agency like Cre8ion…  

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