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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

How to Keep Your Business Moving Forward…

Ever felt as if you are stuck with the same income and the same problems in your business as you had last year? 

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Often in business, we get stuck in our ways and have a hard time snapping out of it and moving on to the next level. So… how do you get unstuck?  

Did you know that moving to a new level will bring new choices?  

Along with these new choices come familiar old ones that we neatly sidestepped in the past. Unfortunately, uncomfortable decisions have to be faced. When the stakes appear higher, our reference point changes but that feeling of wanting to remain in our comfort zone remains. I have been through this with our brand marketing agency so many times and in order to ‘level up,’ I have had to change! 

Learn not to be happy in your present position. 

Life is good. Why change? ‘Good’ is often the enemy of ‘best’. 

When life is good, we get comfortable. However, the BEST for you and the next generation can be really uncomfortable. Your achievement can touch generations to come.  

Learn to embrace the unknown. 

Not being in control is not necessarily going to leave us in a bad place. 

I took a risk with a stranger. A pretty face and a funny laugh and all of a sudden I was married! Then came parenthood (another unknown) and I’ve grown. 

Try looking back to see how far you’ve grown as you stepped into the unknown! 

Learn to ‘want to’. 

Never underestimate the WILL of SELF. This is an amazing one. Deep down, I don’t want to be dictated to, even when I know it’s the right thing to do. 

Get rid of the fear of loss. 

This is hard. Anyone who has done anything has had to say goodbye, whether to colleagues at work, comrades, houses, cities that represent your everyday life. 

The biggest goodbyes open doors to more than you left behind. As you step closer to the goals you set, you realise that you need people who live goal-focussed. Think expansion. Focus on that. Expanding opportunities for you and everyone else with you. 

Don’t worry that your supply will dry up. 

Yes, I know. Completely irrational but true.   

Don’t put the brakes on when the levels accelerate. Embrace the slipstream and enjoy the speed. 

We hate it when it takes time, but now that you have momentum, enjoy it.

Enjoy it as you swerve around the curve, don’t get vision vertigo! 

Overnight success is created as you go down a hill at a pace to another place, faster than you would if you had walked. Think walking up a hill with a skateboard and then riding it down the other side. Eventually, you come to rest BUT you have travelled FAR! 

Swerving is hitting the kerb deliberately, riding on the grass to slow it down. Roll with it!! 

So, why not take the plunge and level up! 

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