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Give your message momentum.

Setting a Course for Success

In the midst of a second wave we need a second wind.

As we approach this winter season with more questions than answers there’s no point complaining about the crisis, it’s time to work out how we are going to get through to the other side. Let’s not avoid the future but rather start investing in it now…

I have spent time recently with other entrepreneurs who have been through trials and tribulations and come out smiling. It seems to me that troubles are not to be ignored but they shouldn’t cause us to lose sight of our hopes and dreams.

Here are some of the things I intend to do to carry our brand marketing agency through to the other side of whatever this present time holds. 

1. I’m going to give. 

If givers keep giving they’ll leave an impact.

Success brings responsibility with it and meeting that responsibility ensures that we remain grounded. Give back over and above. When going the extra mile and investing in others is part of our DNA, success just magnifies everything that comes with that.

2. I’m going to take the right advice. 

It’s great to have the right people speak into our lives regularly.

Not everything that looks good is necessary right. You will need the perspective of others to help you to make the right choices. Good is always the enemy of best, every time.

It pays to have a few insiders that will give you the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

3. I’m going to stay focussed on the end goal. 

Always do the best for the people.

Choices have to be made but not at the expense of the vision you’ve built, there are others now who have begun to believe in it too. Don’t get argued out of your vision by voices that are more interested in position and power. 

Stay true to the vision because when you lie to yourself, you lie to those around you.

4. I’m going to encourage others.

We can always help others to get to where we find ourselves.

It’s so refreshing to me when someone who doesn’t even know me is prepared to give me advice and share their journey, making an impact in my life. Those are the moments when I know everything is possible.  

5. I’m going to put my family first. 

Time is precious, we need to use it wisely rather than squandering it.

One thing I admire in successful individuals is when they are committed to family above all else. Being accountable to what is important means being prepared to draw a line when work begins to compromise the investment of time that family relationships require.

Speaking to those who have already made a success of their lives and are at leisure to help others is a great learning opportunity. We are all on a journey and learning from others rather than simply relying on our own expertise takes a number of bumps out of the road.

In these times we can learn from those who have learnt to ride tough storms, get a second wind, and not just survived, but risen to thrive!

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