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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

The Mirror Test – Dreams don’t have to be big but they have to be yours


Press record on your phone.
Read the text in bold aloud
Play the recording back to yourself in front of the mirror, first thing in the morning.

“Hello… you. How are you? Really? Honestly… How are you? Not so much how are you doing, but how are you being? In this moment in time, out of 10, how are you? Are you top of your game? Are you out of sorts? Be honest.

The greatest moment in your life is the one you have right now, because all the others have either gone or they’ve not arrived yet. All the days you have lived up to this point have bought you to here. You may think that you’re behind, or even in front, but you’re right on time. You are right in the moment where you need to be.

Now, look at yourself.

Look into your eyes… You might have lost some hair, gained a few lines, the odd blemish, teeth not as white as you’d prefer, but look deep, it’s you. Can you see you? No mask. Take a deep breath and stand up tall. Tell yourself that it’s time for a comeback, it’s time to fight. It’s time to let you shine once more. Say it out loud, ‘I’m coming back…’ yes! Say it louder, ‘I’m coming back!’ Now… be brave… ‘I’m back!’ There you go, shout it out, ‘I’M BACK!!!!’

The best gift you can ever give the world is the person you were created to be.

The world needs YOU. It’s time you got your identity back. It’s been stolen and now it’s time to reclaim who you are made to be. A person of purpose. You may have have lost your job, position, or even opportunity. You might fear that your company is going to fail. You need to hear this…

You are not what you do, you are… you. Everyone has a purpose. You amount to more than the circumstances that made you, you are you, even if adverse circumstances have conspired to redefine you. Don’t believe the lie.

Fear will make you believe in broken identity.

You can press the reset button though. Press your finger on the mirror and tell yourself: I’m defined neither by failure nor by what I do. You can become the person you were meant to be – a miracle, made for such a time as this. Now, tune in and tune up. Today is your day and every year is your year, not one out of every ten. Own your life. It’s your time, everyday. 

Now, follow your inner voice.

You know that voice that knows what’s right and what’s wrong, deep down. It’s often drowned out by distractions, but distractions take you away from what and whom you need to be. Be the person who has the courage to fight and take hold of your cause, whatever that thing is that moves your heart. It’s the thing you can see that no-one else does. That’s it. That’s your rodeo. Embrace your cause and leave your mark and your message.

Be brave.

It won’t be easy. It’s the road less travelled. It’s not a popular choice. It’s risky, but if you don’t follow it you betray the very essence of who you are.

If you choose to take up your cause you will transform the world by transforming your world first. The one that you can affect. Now, if everyone did that, we’d have less time to critique others, right? If you spend your days discussing and implementing ideas the right people will appear. The wrong people discuss other people rather than ideas – they are the dream stealers. They’ll suck the excitement out of life. Thankfully, you don’t need them. You need dream chasers, people with faith. People who believe in the impossible (I’m possible). These are your people, they’ll help you. 

Now you are listening to the right voice, the one that makes you feel alive. You can focus on the vision birthed from injustice, seeing opportunity, with a passion to bring change whilst others make excuses. It’s the voice of the innovator, the pioneer, speaking faith above fear, the one that sees the shore in the midst of a storm… don’t ignore it, because if you do, you will become a lesser version of you. 

Dreams don’t have to be big but they have to be yours.” 

Now, smile. Give yourself a wink. Take a deep breath and breathe onto the mirror. Draw a heart and know that heart is for you. You are loved and you owe it to yourself and those to whom you are connected to live the best life you can.

Turn the moment into momentum!

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