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Give your message momentum.

The right conversations lead to the right opportunities

The right conversations lead to the right opportunities

An interview with Nana Asante

Nana Asante is a new(ish) member of staff, an accomplished designer who has been in our design team at Cre8ion for several months now. Nana is pretty modest but his talent and excellent work speak for themselves, his eye for detail and creativity are a real asset. He works hard behind the scenes under George’s tutelage, striving to make everything that Cre8ion produce look truly exceptional.  Here is a little more about him.

How did you find out about Cre8ion?

Word of mouth, shall we say. Strangely enough, it was a casual interaction which opened a door for me. I had a conversation with someone from Cre8ion whilst I was working in a previous role outside of brand marketing. I had already decided to move on from my job in order to get back into Graphic Design, so I was really grateful to bump into the right person at the right time and, not so long after, I found myself at Cre8ion. It’s funny how recruitment doesn’t always have to happen in the same way, and having the right conversation definitely created an unforeseen opportunity for me! When you know your values, you attract the right type of people.

At Cre8ion we are all about story telling. What’s your story Nana?

I was born and raised in Ghana and chose to specialise in graphic design, I’ve always been interested in it.  After going through some serious challenges in Ghana we moved to England and I worked in different places before ending up at Cre8ion. It hasn’t been an easy ride, but working at Cre8ion has been refreshing for me in that it’s more like a family than a workplace and I have found my colleagues to be both tolerant and understanding. It was easy to learn the job and adapt to the environment of working in a larger team as everyone was willing to teach me.

What do you think is the most important thing about brand marketing?

Without a doubt it’s communication. Getting the right messages across effectively to make the right impact.

I’ve learnt that brand marketing means something different depending on where you are! In the UK, marketeers take a much more streamlined approach than they do in Ghana where it can be a little chaotic. Brand marketing is about understanding the audience and the environment and design is visualising the narrative that will create engagement. You could describe it as having the right conversations with the right people to create the right opportunities.

At Cre8ion I work closely with the creative director to give that visual direction to the narrative and I’m happy to say that the work has all been really interesting so far.

What kind of things are you most looking forward to doing whilst at Cre8ion?

Well, learning and growing are really important to me. Where design is concerned I want to be at the top of my game and I want to learn more about brand marketing in general.

George, Nana and the Team at Cre8ion specialise in synchronising your brand narrative. If you need help to get your communications aligned with your brand message why not get in touch?

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