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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

When inside out is the right way up

The best way to increase the impact made by our business is for us to go to places that we’d rather avoid and get our motivation sorted out. There’s a bit more to it than adding a splash of colour and updating the website. A brand is a message (often lost in the method).

We need to make sure that the direction we’re heading in is the right one.

Too many of us let short term goals cloud the long game. As business owners and entrepreneurs the long game is absolutely the very best place to aim at.

So, what motivates us to do business? Being purely motivated by money will eventually poison your humanity. Amassing money shouldn’t be all about ego and, if it is, other people will come looking to cash in when you get older. Money can change lives, cities and nations if it’s wielded with the right motive. That’s what the world needs right now, successful, purpose-driven people who prioritise people, purpose and planet above ego, extravagance and exaggerated achievements. Great men and women get this and use their business as the vehicle to make it happen. Those are the kind of people we want to work with!

So, when I talk motivation, what should that look like? Well, here are a few things to get you focussed, some pillars, if you like, to keep your motive in place.

Fall in love with pain.

How can I help? That’s our key question, the reason why we are here. We are experts in understanding the pain and identifying what needs to be put right. You see, so many come to us saying they need a new website, but that isn’t really the problem. The real problem is that having  a new website will not be the solution for a loss of motivation. The problem is internal, not external.

The ‘pain’ comes down to misalignment.  When the original vision seems like a distant memory. Decisions once made through conviction are now being made due to circumstance. How do we address this? We bring alignment, redirecting people’s gaze back to their mission, vision and values, even if they aren’t written down. Then we craft a narrative that will excite anyone that reads it, both internally and externally. We start inside out, not outside in.

Reach for the impossible.

We are more than storytellers. We give you the tools to tell your story. Our insights have changed communities, given people an edge, transformed staff retention and grown businesses, all because of the resulting gain in confidence. We help people step into their purpose and rediscover their identity that got lost along the way. We’ve had people cry tears of regret, jump for joy, gain clarity of thought and receive the encouragement they needed to go and take on the sector that once intimidated them. Our tag line is ‘Infinite Possibilities’, and we really do open peoples’ eyes to possibilities.  

Know your people, engage in conversation.

It’s so easy to be in a rush and not get to know our people. Connecting with people on social networks is easy, sometimes it’s not so easy to chat regularly with those we are connected with.

Most social feeds just seem to be about selling. One of my most recent posts (which engaged a whole load of people) was ‘What is your favourite sandwich filling?’ (If you haven’t written on this, then have a look – there are some great recipes). I’m not in a rush to sell, I want to attract the right people to work with. People I can have fun with, laugh and generally enjoy business. The trouble with social media is that it’s possible to be so desperate to get clients that you can compromise who you are and end up with the wrong kind of clients. They call you up at crazy times, don’t respect family and they like swearing to get what they want. Would you want friends like that? Why not do business with the kind of people you like?

Empathy is a superpower.

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes isn’t enough. You need to actually go for a walk in them. Take in the sights. See the world through their eyes. That’s right. You need to know where they are coming from. Know their dreams, their aspirations, their pain, their disappointments and then be clear on how you are going to make a difference for them. Your business needs to be the difference maker. Use your expertise to solve their challenges.

Put the serve back in service.

Motivation is firmly attached to serving. What sets the very best companies apart is great service. Everyone wants to be a thought leader but the greatest traction comes from actions that back up words. Let your values anchor you and keep you doing the right thing.

Inside out is the right way to go

In the midst of the pandemic I’ve seen countless website redesigns. Some are a bit like a Haribo sweet which attracts attention and tastes good for a moment but after a while it won’t hit the spot. It gives you a short term boost, but what you really wanted was something to nourish the soul and give you hope and renewed confidence in your ability to deliver.

For a company to reinvent and reinvigorate itself you need to go deep. Few dare to share, but a story with depth has the power to create conversation. A brand then is more than skin deep, it’s an authentic communication of who you are and the cause championed by you and your people! If that’s you, then let’s talk, the possibilities are infinite.

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