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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

Making connections count and actions activate

This has been a year where I’ve made so many great connections. I’ve been in a Zoom room with Richard Branson and connected with people all over the world at the Introbiz Global Summit. Now, I’m actually going to speak to some niche audiences that I care a lot about (Christian Business Summit). In short, I’ve moved from zooming around in a car to Zooming all over the world!

In networking the term ‘connections’ can often be associated (wrongly) with closing a deal. True networking is much bigger and more meaningful that that. You see, the right connections will open doors BUT you need to give to get, it’s a change of focus. The biggest mistake people make in networking is being desperate to close.

So online, how does that happen…? Is it the DM LinkedIn numbers game?

What if I connect with people just to sell to them and slide into their DM’s to list all my services and trust for an instant sign up? How many people would say yes, I need you right now!

You make connections count when people can actually count on you. Flip it around. If you learn this, everything will change. When people can count on you to help, business will be the fruit in the long term. Then, networking is absolutely game-changing. You have to be different. If you turn up to give, you will become outstanding in the field. Here are a list of networking tips that will transform your perceptions, set expectations and ultimately give you the right focus.

Networking is a long game:

It’s all about the long game. Networking is about making connections.

One connection can change your life, but you’ve got to invest your time to eventually hit the treasure. Relax. People can sense desperation. You’ll be like that guy or girl at the school disco looking for anyone to dance with..

Embrace Zoom, not just a room:

Networking online isn’t real, even though it’s here and here to stay. Online summits and worldwide connections are simply unbelievable. I have connected with people that have helped transform our business momentum, given us fresh thinking and incredible new clients – yes! Notice the clients came last. Good relationships, even through zoom, will win you some incredible connections. 

Keep conversations going and going:

Keep talking. That chat wall is gold. We’ve opened doors to huge opportunities by enjoying the text conversations while the meeting is running! That’s not saying I’m not listening. I’m quite comfortable watching a game of football while reading other people’s reactions and interactions on Twitter. It’s the same. Conversations really do change your business narrative. The success of your relationships comes from the quality conversations you have, time and again.

Who can you connect with, like now:

You probably have more connections than you realise. Do you know someone who can help someone else you know?

Get very good at this. When you connect people you not only help them but you grow from credible to incredible. When you learn to connect others your networking is no longer all about you. If you can help someone… now… do it! Take action and connect people.

Not getting the right clients, you’re in the wrong room!

Many people are not sure whether networking works. Well, that’s because they are doing it wrong.

Honestly, do it long enough and you’ll realise quickly in a room full of takers, you’ll have your time stolen, your talent wasted and you’ll waste a whole lot of treasure! Find the right people.

Ask successful people how they grew their business and they will tell you it’s about relationships. Networking opens doors to do just like they did.

What success looks like:

I’m not boasting here, I’m just saying that the proof is in the pudding! Our brand marketing agency, Cre8ion, has grown with clients focussed on value not price. Now we are connected with global entrepreneurs, about to launch another business (more on that in coming weeks), and pulling together an innovation bid that was only a pipe dream last year. We have had a record year of growth, taken on 4 new team members, smashed turnover on previous years, created new revenue streams (more to come) and improved processes with new products. Most importantly, we have won a number of new clients who have seen business flourish with us.

Upgrading rooms thanks to Zooms:

One of my goals in 2020 was to upgrade the rooms I found myself in. Little did I know that these rooms would be international ones, and that I’d even be allowed to speak in a few of them!

You see, to take your business to different places you need to frequent different spaces! One such space is a network called IntroBIz. The team have put on regular meetings every Friday, involving their impressive global connections and linked businesses to them. 

So if you want to find out more check out and see how you can begin networking the right way. If you missed their summit you can purchase it for £197. It includes some of the world’s biggest names and some great insights…

Les Brown • Sharon Lechter • Dr John DeMartini • Brian Tracy • Kevin Harrington • Jairek Robbins • Paul Smolinski • Tracey Smolinski • Tom Ziglar • Dr Fab Mancini • Anil Gupta • Forbes Riley • Alec Stern • Rob Moore • Sammy Blindell • Michael Tracy • Alana DeMartini • Evan Carmichael • Kelly Forrester • Adam Stott • Lisa Johnson • Domingo Silvas • Hannah Kathleen • Giovanni Malacrino • Dawn Evans • Bernie Davies • Deb Morgan • Claire Rees • Camilita Nuttall • Adam Strong

Relaxed format, relationships based, record opportunities. If you’re ready to change the world, go and do it! You can start by changing your own world with networking.

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