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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

How to create a thriving tribe

One of the key things we presented to our team in our vision for the year was the word AMPLIFY!

This week Cre8ion steps into the world of Clubhouse to build a community around what we love most – Purpose People.

So much has been said during this period of introspection and reflection about living life on purpose. As a brand marketing agency we focus on helping business owners and companies align their organisations with their purpose, and in doing so we give their brand a voice.

We are launching Purpose People within Clubhouse every Thursday at 4pm (looking to engage both sides of the Atlantic). It’s going to be a place where people can share about the pivotal points in their life and career and how making tough choices has given them freedom. Everyone’s journey is worth hearing about and engaging in conversation can bring clarity to others. You can join the Clubhouse party in the new app (at the moment, exclusively for iPhone) and join our room.

For more information on Clubhouse take a look here. If you have yet to try Clubhouse or you’re thinking of building a closed Facebook Group, starting a Podcast or even a booked in regular Zoom Call here’s how to amplify your message and your story in a community group:

A – Audience –

Be very clear on your audience, but even clearer on how to serve them. Clubhouse users will notice straightaway that each room has a different vibe and there’s a room out there for everyone! Some people prefer rooms with a more direct vibe, some people hate swearing, some people like more discussion, others like more teaching. Be clear on how you can best serve your room before stepping out. 

Be clear on the following:

Demographics            Think about the age, generation, family etc.

Goals                           What do the people you serve want out of life? The goal (their vision).

Interests                     How do they spend their time?

Motivations                 What keeps them awake at night? Being financially free, for example.

Frustrations                What is frustrating them that they don’t have the knowledge to solve?

M – Momentum – 
Protect it, when you get a win, don’t rest and chill out, capitalize on it. Share solutions. Let your audience know when you are going to be available and show up at the same time every week. 

Record the session, and quote some of the conversations to use across social media and point people toward the next session. Create momentum with consistent methods.

P – Purpose – 
Stay on message. If you are there to solve a key problem, stick to it. The more you drift away from your core message the more you dilute your impact. Be sure to steer the conversation to the goal. So, if your focus (like ours) is purpose, then that word should be heard more often than not. Everything must relate to the crux of your message. Don’t get caught up with distractions. The best way you can help people is to stick to the reason you started the group in the first place. Don’t get lost. Be focussed on adding value.

L – Links – 
Do not underestimate the power of linking with the right people. You’ll get to know your tribe and who fits in it. We say that we are looking for like-minded people, but I think it’s better to have like-hearted people in your circle. It’s about being values led, and making those values a key part of your behaviour. Your decisions must be made in the place of values. When you link with the right people the right doors open, and you’ll be able to work with and help those people because your values are aligned.

I –  Inform – 
Once you build a database, make sure you stay in conversation. Don’t be someone who doesn’t know where to go other than the ‘room’. One of the key things about getting connected is following up on other social channels. The room is the gathering, other streams are where you stay in contact. In the normal, offline world we meet people, but relationships are strengthened outside the office. Keep conversations going. Once you have email addresses, send regular value to your audience.

F – Famous –

The stars set in the ground of the Hollywood Walk of Fame speak for themselves, we all know what each person was famous for. While not all of us have the time or the inclination to chase world wide fame we can make a name for ourselves helping others get to where they need to go. You can be the star who gives answers and the confidence others need to get the job done.

Y – Yes, 
Long term, if your ultimate goal is to add value to the people you speak to they will say yes to the product and service you offer. Too often people go for a ‘yes’ without demonstrating that they really are the best. You don’t want to win a client for a day, you want a relationship that can be built on for years. The more authority you establish through giving value the easier it is for people to say yes and become your advocate.

It’s never been a better time to AMPLIFY your message and build a thriving tribe! Your strategy is in your story and your authority is established in your answers!

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