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Give your message momentum.

Be brave and use your freedom

Freedom is a strange thing. Many of us didn’t realise we had it until it was taken away. And now, in just a few weeks, our world is unlocking. 

One of the biggest freedoms we all have is the ability to choose. Thankfully, despite the messages that appear daily in the media, our right to choose remains. Choice is what makes us human. Not even God takes away our freewill.
Now, a new phenomena – people are struggling with making a choice. Being locked down has  become so normal and safe that leaving it is presenting a painful situation.
In our businesses we are all going to be faced with those that want to rejoin their colleagues and those that are happy at home. At Cre8ion, our brand marketing agency, we are going for a period of adjustment and adopting a hybrid where people will be given the freedom to choose.
It got me thinking that our greatest choice and freedom is embracing our God-given purpose. Do you know it? And if you do, what steps are you taking to move closer towards it? Or are you moving even further away from it?
Purpose isn’t found in your head, it’s found in your heart. It’s why people make choices that defy logic. It’s how Captain Kirk lived to go boldly (or boldly go). And if you are looking for a real life example, take Martin Luther King. Despite the threat of death, he shared a life giving message. Purpose is wider, deeper and more compelling than a system, it’s the thing that makes you live fully.
The choice is to embrace it or bury it. Those that embrace it will forego comfort, a pat on the back and the applause in the room. Embracing purpose may mean separating from the crowd and defying the culture that you find yourself in. People who embrace purpose are the pioneers, the inventors and the dreamers who lead in the knowledge that others will mock at, laugh at and maybe even shun them.
It’s possible to ignore the purpose stirring in the heart because the cost is just too high a price to pay. How do you pursue purpose when you have the house, the car, the sofa and the schooling to pay? Maybe it’s safer to leave it to the next generation… Yet, that’s what the next generation crave, to see their parents lead with cause over cash, impact over income. A parent is a superhero and children want to see their superheroes in flight. Their cape needs to catch the wind of purpose and inspire a generation bored with  mere mortals.
As a business owner you made a choice to do things differently and the end of month pay check isn’t all that it’s about. You wanted to live for more. So, do it. Become that hero once again by awakening your superpower and put it on the world stage.
When I see today’s titans earning the wealth to save the world and failing to do so, it seems to me like they are missing the point. The wealth you have is an opportunity to redefine what it means to be powerful, by enlarging your table rather than your ego.
I have zero problem with wealth, but once you have created a substantial amount I believe you have a responsibility to give back substantially. A huge income has the potential to break families, friendships and eventually focus all it’s attention on self. Seeking to make an impact (with that income) chooses love, and it’s less about who has a bigger yacht and more about helping others stay afloat. 
Health, wealth and relationships are shaped by our choices.  Even if we started at ground zero, we all have an opportunity to change. An important part of making the right choices is knowing that you can. That’s why I live like I do. Nobody has to remain stuck in a career that leaves them dead on the inside. Anyone can choose a life of transformation. Stop procrastinating.
I’m on a journey and I haven’t made it, by any stretch of the imagination, but one thing I want everyone to realize is that when you choose to live for a cause, you’ll have peace! Anything that costs you that is too high a price to pay.
The choice we all have is to make an impact. You launched out to do just that. Today, take the  opportunity to reset, refocus and redefine. It’s what our generation is looking for.
Marvel at the cinema isn’t enough, we want to marvel at real life heroism. 
It’s time we embrace the life of a champion, it’s time we show up and embrace the freedom to make our life count. Believe that you can. Then discover your people who are coming with you on the journey. Now, do the best with your superpower and build a great life that goes beyond you. Bravery demands it, freedom commands it.

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