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Give your message momentum.

Remarkable is on the other side of ‘What if?’

Most people want it. Most people won’t admit it. But deep down we all want a remarkable life. 
We want to step outside the circle. We want to take the leap where others choose to stay safe. We want to colour outside the lines. We don’t just want to conform and contain. If that’s how you feel then keep reading. If it’s not, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself whether you are happy with now? If the answer is no, then keep reading. 

Over the years I’ve seen countless people embrace their dreams, outpace those around them and level up. I’ve also seen lots of people on the same journey abort the process, because making progress became too… hard. Failure became fatal to them, rather than seeing it as just a first attempt in learning.
Now, the truth, if you are brave enough to hear it… it’s a problem with… belief.
Actually, a lack of belief.
How do you know that people have a lack of belief? Give them the price of what it will cost to kickstart their dreams and some will pay it, others won’t. Simply put, a remarkable life will cost you. It will cost you money, it will cost you time, cost you friends, cost you family, cost you your job, cost you your reputation and cost you what you hold valuable. Now, that my friends, is an expensive price to pay. And what makes you pay that price is, quite simply, belief. 
Lack of belief will never pay the price. Lack of belief will make excuses, seek to blame someone else, keep you trapped, limit your potential, discuss people over ideas, and keep you in a place where your greatest hurt defines your life forever.
A remarkable life is made in the crucible of crisis. It’s where the voice within drowns out the voices from all around. It’s where you walk across the bridge from despair to hope. It’s a choice, a chance to make a change for the better. A remarkable life, no longer looks for others to spark them or wait for a nod of acceptance, rather its accepting you’ll fail a few times. Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes progress. 
So, today as you read this you have a choice to make. Do you want to live a remarkable life? You’ve been given a 300 million to one chance of life, so what you going to do with it? Die watching box sets in front of the one eyed monster? I’m telling you, what is within is greater than what is around you.
The world is a stage for you to perform, not for other people’s expectations, but for you first and foremost. Remarkable is embracing your identity and then backing yourself. We think nothing of buying a £1200 Iphone but we won’t spend half of that on a coaching session that will help you get around the things that hold you back.
Your greatest hurt needn’t be a prison. You don’t need to be that person the teacher never backed or defined forever as the last pick. The one who never made the grade or the one whose words were so jumbled that nobody understood what they were trying to say. The person who made a few bad choices and was constantly talked about for the wrong reasons or the one who believed in something bigger than being popular. Let me tell you, remarkable is the other side of proving to yourself that despite the tags, the labels, and people’s unfounded expectations you are still going after those dreams. It’s time to back yourself. Double down on dreaming and turn it into reality. You may have the trappings of success but you still feel trapped. Why? Because you are still shying away from being you, the real you that was born to live a way that made their heart leap, following their quest, their cause to champion.
What do you need to do to just believe? Answer the question. That’s right, answer the question you ask yourself every day. The question you keep running from. Actually answer the question with a different answer. The truth is, you really you know the answer to that question, it’s a YES.
So, say YES. Say yes to stepping out to inherit a different future from the generations that travelled before you. Reset, reboot and go after the reward that is purpose – reclaim your name. 
It’s simple. What if? 
What if… they said yes? 
What if… it worked?
What if… it stopped?
What if… you won?
What if… you quit?
What if… you did difficult?
What if… you actually said no?
What if… you chose happy?
What if… you went first?
What if… you made the move?
What if… you changed?
What if… you accepted you?
What if… you actually believed?
What if… today you just did it?
What if… you wrote?
What if… you sang?
What if… you painted?
What if… you rang?
What if… you ran?
What if… you just committed?
What if… you embraced remarkable?
Your greatest life is on the other side of belief, belief in backing the answer to that question and doing it. Doing it on purpose. It’s a leap of faith, but nothing great ever comes without it. You need to back yourself before you wreck yourself. Wreck your opportunity, wreck the promise you were born with. When you say yes to what you really want to do, purpose brings the right people into your life. 
So many times, we are looking for people to pull us out of ourselves, when in fact we have to push ourselves out of the line and choose to be outstanding when it’s easier to fit in. We need to choose to stand up when others say sit down, speak up when others want you to stay silent, and ignore the voice of unbelief. That’s right, do it scared, put your shoulders back and walk tall, take that deep breath, climb the stairs and enter the stage of purpose.
The world is waiting for you to show up. Don’t just do it for them, do it for you. The spark you need is found in truly living as fear is no longer an option. Let authenticity be the electricity to conduct the right people, for the right moment and embrace remarkable.
You see those that live the remarkable life, take steps in the dark, make moves without a roadmap, are led by being true to who they really are, they have a compass that is fixed on the true north of purpose.
Remarkable begins with what you do as soon as you finish this post. Answer ‘what if…? 
Do it with all your heart, all your being, and if you have tears in your eyes, cry them out, and then when regret has poured itself out, now make a choice. Remarkable starts now. Embrace promise over pain, reward over revenge, heart over hate and truly be the odd one, the one that does life differently. Be the person who changes can’t to can. Because that is what we are supposed to do. 
Our true identity is to live truly free and express ourselves with purpose. 
Belief is taking a step and backing you. Investing your time, your talent and your treasure to build a life without measure, a remarkable life.

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