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Give your message momentum.

No risk, No story

Risk is in my blood and it’s in yours too.

How is it that we get duped into living a life where comfort is our cause? 
That’s exactly where I was, until purpose beat my door down and I realised that risking it all made a lot more sense than trying to keep it all.
So… why am I telling you this? Well, it’s like this… being shaken out of a life of being controlled means embracing a life where you finally take control. 
A champion’s life is a life where you lead with conviction not comfort and fight for a cause. Its not all about mindset, its about your heart set on the right things, your purpose. 
My grandfather was a spitfire pilot and flew missions for Winston Churchill. On the day the Ark Royal was torpedoed by the Germans and sunk, my grandfather (James Irwin) didn’t get the chance to land on it. He was stopped in his tracks by three German Messerschmitts. Out of the sun they came and shot him down. A bullet went through the floor of the plane and through his chin and out the top of his head. The plane crashed into the sea breaking both legs. Having escaped out of the plane he was rescued and nursed back to health in Portugal by an Italian lady. Joy had arrived in his life and Joy the nurse became James Irwin’s wife and my father’s Mother. 
Ian, my father was born and ended up in the Navy doing the 8th most dangerous job in the world, landing planes on aircraft carriers. Sadly, in his twenties he lost his kneecap in an accident and in one short moment a career ended. I was born, with a baton in my hand to carry on taking risks. 
The airforce and navy were out (asthma – today a non issue) so instead of being in the forces, I was left to become a force for good.  
My playing field became entrepreneurship after turning down the offer to run an award winning marketing agency in London and Bristol. A girl asked me a question that changed my life. It got me questioning what kind of legacy my life would be leaving and overnight everything changed. I realised that I had been worshipping the unholy trinity of me, myself and I. She interrupted all this and I took the biggest risk to my career. I shot it down in the boardroom by quitting. 
That girl, Clare, became my wife and we risked all to live life on purpose. We started helping others discover their purpose and building our lives around it. 
Rather than work on brands that sent people to an early grave (like the alcohol and tobacco brands I had been working on) I chose to help companies with a more purposeful future. I chose impact over income. I got involved in Mission and Ministry while training a team of volunteers to start a brand marketing agency. We helped local companies with global strategies. 
In 2016, Cre8ion transitioned from being a department in a charity to being a limited company in its own right. It meant that charity restrictions were off. We have helped hundreds of people reach thousands of people by ensuring each business owner takes risks, putting purpose as a priority. 
In 2020, I took another risk with one of the team and launched a software company called Di9ital to build tools for people, purpose and planet! 
I’m here to tell you the greatest thing you can ever do right now is double down on purpose and if it’s not in your business then stop right now. Create the alignment you need to get through lockdowns by doubling down on why you are here. 
One morning with our team will help you to answer the ‘why’ question. Our brand marketing agency will help you tell your story to engage the people you were born to serve. 
Purpose lives in your heart and your purpose is your unique reason for being. My life’s purpose is to awaken belief, to show you with whom you belong, be the very best in your sector and create a lasting legacy that goes beyond you. 
No bullet from the sky, no hangar door on board a ship or destructive quest for riches is ever going to keep me from helping you live life from the heart. 
It starts with the Purpose Playbook where you’ll not only know your why, but we’’ll show you how and what is needed to build your business. 
Write a new chapter in your story and create history. 

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