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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

Timing is Everything

As we teeter into September I look back on the summer and it has been a strange one. I’m still recovering from a bout of Covid and we have only just emerged from three and a half weeks of isolation. But, now I’m out, I’ve got the bit between my teeth and I’m raring to go!

September is the beginning of the academic year, and with it comes a change in temperature, nights drawing in and leaves heaped on the pathways. We are beginning to look forward to 2022.
These past two years, for many, have been more about surviving than thriving. Now, however, with the vaccine rollouts, natural antibodies and more insights and wisdom than we previously had, 2022, even for the most pessimistic, represents a great opportunity to bounce back.

In order to be ready for 2022 you’ll need to start doing the right kind of things just about now to position yourself for success. To this end, a few of our clients have recently been enlisting Cre8ion’s Purpose Playbook to help them to get ready. There are massive opportunities with the advancement of tech that are there to be taken advantage of and the right tools can turn a strong local business into a household name.

The way to accelerate your business is to start making brand marketing plans now and then use 2022 to execute them. The Purpose Playbook is an unrivalled tool to help you future proof your business and it’s exclusive to Cre8ion’s clients.

The Purpose Playbook covers four key pillars: Belief, Belong, Best and Beyond and comes with marketing recommendations to help you shape your business in the years to come.

BELIEF: Identity – Giving you confidence to be you
Who you are must instil belief within as you display outward confidence. Belief comes from knowing who you are. This is the main reason we work to outline your mission (your purpose), your vision (the end goal) and your values (your culture). When you are clear on who you are it really does help you to make the right decisions. Furthermore, companies that lead with mission, vision and values are what Millennials are looking for, both in who they buy from and who they work for.

BELONG: Audience – Who you need to build empathy with
Here we build on the audience first approach. When you know who you are it becomes exceptionally clear who you can do your best work for. It’s called understanding your ‘WHO’. A strong brand knows their ‘WHO’ better than the competition. They’ll put the SERVE back into SERVICE. When you know the audience you’ve come to serve, you will do your best work for them.

BEST: Communicating the impact you make
Take advantage of your history to date. Authentic stories serve as great testimonials through text, video and case studies. It’s about telling your Hollywood story to the masses to make you more referable. At the same time you are deepening loyalty and inspiring your team to make even more impact on current and future generations.

BEYOND: Building business with the end in mind – thinking sustainability and looking after the environment. Topics such as these are vitally important to today’s decision making generation. Furthermore, many large corporates are looking for their suppliers to fulfil at least three of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and you can too. We can also help you towards becoming a BCorp – which represents the ‘fair trade’ of business.

Building businesses for legacy is something that today’s greatest companies focus on.

·      Knowing who you are as a business will help you to maintain your identity and remember why you started the business in the first place.
·      The clients you serve are your tribe and you help them to thrive.
·      Showcase all the people you have done amazing work for and tell your story.
·      Whether you choose to exit as a business owner or hand on key responsibilities to the next generation make sure your business understands what they are building,
·      Lastly, if you want to hit 2022 with your heart set on greatness, a focused mindset and a set of actions to implement, get yourself booked on a Purpose Playbook and discover Infinite Possibilities.

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