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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

Making waves ahead of 2022

Well, I’m back in the driving seat, so to speak, and if there is one thing I’ve learned over the last few weeks it is that your team are your strength.

In the middle of our bout of Covid, the team stepped up and stepped in. Why? Because they all know their roles, they care about the success of Cre8ion (everyone benefits) and they love what they do.
The truth is that we have spent years growing together as a brand marketing agency, changing the workplace culture and the industry we are in. The creative industry often accepts a lot of nonsense when it comes to working for free ‘Think about the exposure’ and working long hours at the expense of family, friendships and fun.
Thankfully, the team at Cre8ion are a different breed, partly because they have bought into the vision of what we are working to achieve and the influence we are building. 
One cultural change we have pioneered is the four day work week which has bought us press coverage and a lot of international connections we could only have dreamed about. The second part of this journey is the focus we have on Research and Development and how we inspire our clients and connections to put it at the heart of their business.
Essentially, our team are exceptionally creative and they love telling stories that lead with a message, executing high level methods across web, video and social. 

So, where do we find ourselves today?
We want to inform clients, potential clients and entrepreneurs looking for support in their journey by sharing a few NEW things coming up towards the end of this year!
Relaunching our brand – Same message, updated creative
Over the coming months, Cre8ion’s brand will be changing to reflect where we are headed. Our message will always be about putting purpose at the heart of businesses but the methods change.
We are interested in building crowds around a brand, and to coincide with Cre8ion’s new website going LIVE we will be providing a platform with exclusive content for entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders looking to lead with purpose.
Purpose People – Community of purpose driven leaders
Our four pillars are Belief, Belong, Best and Beyond and we’ll be launching an online community around our Belong piece. We have built a great Facebook Group called Purpose People but with Facebook changing algorithms, we have noticed that reach is getting limited. One person we know (we won’t name them), had 2.2 million people in their Facebook group but each post was only reaching 400 people.
So, we are creating a dedicated community where everyone will see everything. Sharing insights, knowledge and special opportunities for people looking to build their brand and lift their voice above the noise. In the interim, you can still join Purpose People but it will grow beyond Facebook.
Purpose Podcast – Hear from these purpose driven leaders
Next up on our hit list is the launch of our podcast. Much has happened positively in the life of Cre8ion but over the course of the next few months we will be launching episodes on key things that affect purpose, such as crisis. We’ll also be sharing insights into how people embrace purpose and live their dream. This will be called The Purpose Podcast, naturally!!!
We’ve helped hundreds if not thousands of people over the years, and we are no longer going to shy away from the limelight. So, expect to see more of Team Cre8ion sharing valuable tips and insights that can help you as a business leader create alignment for the assignment that is on your heart.
Cre8ion is more than just a creative agency. We want to give people the tools to live out their purpose through their business. We lead with impact over income and cause before cash because when you double down on cause the cash takes care of itself. What’s more, you’ll never struggle with staff or with recruiting the right team, because they’ll be motivated by the right things and they’ll do exceptional work. 
These last few weeks have shown that we have a great team of exceptional creatives who care passionately. 
If crisis is your challenge right now, order our E-Book ‘The Crisis Catalyst’ and see how you can overcome crisis and actually learn to enjoy the journey that comes from it.

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