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Give your message momentum.

The power of community

There are over 10M+ groups on Facebook
There are over 1.4B people using groups every month
More than half of Facebook users signed up to more than five groups each

Over the last six months our Facebook Group, dedicated for Purpose People has steadily grown. It has brought people together, providing a forum for people to share, be inspired and ultimately refuel from the ‘busyness’ involved in entrepreneurship. Anybody who has ever started something from nothing will know what it entails. 

There are people I know really well in the group, relationships from way back to relatively recent, as well as people I have met here for the first time. 

I have been speaking to the 750+ people in this group, and the content has morphed into a daily pep talk, a 60 to 90 second read to get you going and keep you believing in the dream you’re building. These are not recycled posts, they are usually written on the morning of each day in an effort to encourage others and bring insights and inspiration. As I write, I hope that someone will get value from it. Thankfully, that does seem to be the case as I have often been stopped durning the day by people saying just that.

In my opinion, the biggest hindrance to building anything from scratch is belief. When we fail or miss the mark our belief that we can succeed is rocked a little. It feels great to scope out a grand vision but then we have to believe that we can make it happen. Belief is fundamental to achieving anything notable.

Belief in you is a great place to start. If we find ourselves in a place of self doubt it’s hard to ignore it but we still have to choose to keep moving forward. Linked to belief is faith. Personally, I have faith in God that has shaped me. It has kept me pushing through in the midst of the impossible. I have seen miracles in my own life that have enhanced it, and even in midst of tough and testing times I’ve managed to emerge stronger.

Another important belief to have is a belief in others. It is imperative that we believe in ourselves so we can get out of the way and show faith in others. Sometimes that will mean showing faith in people when they can’t see it themselves, listening to them as they voice, vent and question the vision that they are pursuing.

As a leader, I understand that showing faith in people empowers them and increases the impact your organisation can have. If our group Purpose People can help just one person to refuse to quit, double down and embrace their ‘call’ then it has achieved its purpose and been a meaningful exercise.

I remember Mark. We had a 30 minute Zoom following a chance meeting in Clubhouse. He said that I had inspired him to start a Facebook group, so he did… and he called it, “Hey guess what? I love you”. Today that group is 2.4K strong is encouraging people all over the world. Whenever I comment he thanks me for changing his world for the better. It wasn’t me, it was all him, all I did was point out the problem. He had a voice but just needed to create a better platform to amplify it!

You will need to take steps of faith. Faith in God, faith in your vision, faith in people. The point is you can’t achieve anything without putting your belief into action.

I started the group, Purpose People, to inspire belief and wake people up out of a slumber. It’s all about getting people out of the ‘ticking over’ mentality. You were not born to tick over. In a sea of negative comments it’s time we create positive worlds, starting with positive words. The right words can create the right world and if you allow yourself some time to digest them at the start of your day, life can look different.

At Cre8ion we are building some exciting new things to enable Purpose People to do even more with the community, sharing inspirational insights to help people make informed decisions and live out their purpose. We are in the process of building our new website to serve those looking to launch out, reinvent and make waves. Community will be at the heart of the next phase of the Cre8ion journey and we believe all serious brands should be thinking about community.

Over the last few months I’ve connected with some incredible people and realised that for me there could be more to writing, so I wrote a book.. about living a purposeful life and dealing with its biggest hindrance – Crisis. The next step is to launch a podcast to help people address excuses and realise that people hearing what you have to say is more important than listening to the insecurities that hold you back.

Community ultimately creates a culture of sharing and adding value. That’s why I firmly believe our brand marketing agency is unique. Cre8ion leads with purpose and there is nothing like the Purpose Playbook in the market that helps you set a course firmly for it.

We build brands that inspire belief and create belonging, to become the best in their sector and go beyond expectations.

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