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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

Community presents the most worthwhile opportunity.

Brand is about belonging. Why? Each brand has its logo, and its values determine whether we invest in it or switch our allegiances. The most important thing about brand isn’t what it looks like, it’s 100% what people say about it. The mistake a lot of people make is they think expert marketing is enough to secure people’s continued investment. Yet, just like with dating, looks might get the initial attention, but conversation creates the retention. Businesses today need to change their conversations if they want to be heard above the noise. 

It’s a surprising fact that many people don’t have a LIVE database where they regularly send insights and up to date content about the market sector they are in.

Sending out a ‘latest offer’ or ‘incentive’ might not be enough and your ad spend gets lost in the thousands of ads competing for attention. What if there was a different way which didn’t require an ad spend? Imagine building a business around content and community without any restriction of reach… It can be done and I’d love to show you how. I believe that when you give enough value you become an authority in the hearts and minds of your target audience.

With an ad spend comes the assumption that it’s the social media networks that will make the most money. A 1% return on a mass ad campaign is somehow acceptable. True, it will enable you to target a niche, but actually the best business is done with people you know. The more people know you and consider you to be an authority, the more willing they will be to invest in a higher ticket service or product.

You might think that losing a lead happens as a result of a lack of time, or a lack of budget for ad spend, but I believe that it’s a lack of confidence in your ability to deliver. Much is said about finding more time and upping your budget, but what about giving people confidence to invest in you just by being authentic? It would be worth it, right? When people see that you know your stuff they are willing to invest their time and resources! 

The no.1 reason why people don’t do business with you, is belief, pure and simple. They don’t believe that you can and that is one of the key reasons you NEED to build a community. A community gives you a platform to establish your authority and every day you can offer value. It’s more to do with giving than getting and empowering people with the tools they need to succeed. Then they can run on even further than you have.

One of my aims in starting the Purpose People group is to fill the gap between waking up and starting the day with an encouraging post to help people start on the front foot. Why? Because for many of us leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners we are doing it alone! For me, that’s the primary reason for helping people just like you, because I know where you’re at! 

Now what can I bring to help you? Well, I have 30 years of design and communication expertise – brand is my thing! For the first ten years of my journey I was building for me, until I realized that a true reward is only found when you build for others. Then, I invested the next 20 years into a church and a charity, building a department that could turn the media into a power for good, not just gain.

It’s this approach that I’m bringing to the Purpose People platform, because I believe wholeheartedly that when we share our journey with others we become stronger and more purposeful. Our platform is designed to connect people who are committed to living their power. 

We’ll be teaching you the power of ‘heartset’ and how, when it’s aligned with mindset, it unlocks the momentum within. 

The more authority you have in your space the more trust you’ll gain. People won’t doubt your ability.

Building a community around your brand is the best thing you can do to ensure legacy, it protects you from chasing the herd on social media and breathes new life into your database.

With a sense of belonging it’s so much easier to engage in conversation and, as a result, establish your name within the hearts and minds of the audience you know you can do your best work for.

It will take work, it will take investment of time, talent and sharing some of your ‘treasure’, but when you build your tribe you position yourself to thrive. Databases should be platforms for conversations first and conversions second. That’s why our team at Cre8ion are investing into a platform full of value to show you the power of leading with impact rather than income.

Now listen, not everything will be FREE, and there will be paid opportunities but there is no way we’ll be asking you to invest without knowing that you are going to get a whole load of value first. We want you to interact with our brand in the right way, so that it wins hearts and minds rather than offending eyes and frustrating with lies (little rhyme there). There will always be great content designed to equip you to get results first so you’ll know you can trust what we say and take action right where you are.

Rather than leading with selling we want to lead with serving. We want to help you build your fame and name among your people with whom you can have the greatest positive influence.  

Brands that win create belief but they also have a community that surrounds them.

Over the years I have built an amazing network of friends in business, and now I’m bringing them together so you’ll be able to meet them as well. Everyone I know, everyone one that I’ve connected with, who have helped add value will be in this space as well. Why? Because they are living out purpose and they are passionate about seeing everyone switch onto their power and empower others. They have chosen to double down on the most important things in life and help others prioritise what is important.

Cre8ion have connected and helped thousands of people to align their mission, vision and values to the right things. The Purpose People Platform will provide you with insights that have created tangible results. We’ve helped people to scale their businesses and strengthened and empowered organisations to do greater things.

Finally, you will also be hearing from key members of our team about all things pertaining to brand communication, how to position yourself and how leading with values makes your business more valuable. Community presents the most worthwhile opportunity to establish your business as an authority, giving people confidence in you as they hear your message rather than just your methods.

Don’t just believe us, join us.

Sign up to the new platform HERE for FREE until the end of November 2022.

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