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How to guard your heartset against attacks from the dream stealers.

Making choices to align your life with your heartset may cause you to clash with people that lead with mindset. Having a healthy mindset may well help you to ascend to the top of your field or position within a place of work, but when you start listening to your heartset, the way you operate will change. One of the first things you are faced with is making big choices… and then you have to keep on making them.

When you hear what is on your heart you can’t then forget the voice that lives in there. The choices you make subsequently will be according to that God-given destiny that you have finally tuned into. Your first test comes when you are faced with making choices of conviction over choices of circumstance.
At some point you are going to have to commit to ‘purpose’ and that will mean change. Now, I would like to say that the changes you make will be small, but the truth is that, when you make choices according not your conviction it will actually cost you. These choices will cost you friends, family and fortune but they will gain you peace, power and true potential.
Once you have made that one time change to transport you from your current situation into a place of the unknown, you will have to continue to make big choices to walk on the road called purpose.
It’s a funny thing, when I started this journey I was very aware I was making the choices for me and then my wife, and now I’m making choices for my whole family. Today, I’m very aware that the choices I make go beyond that even. I can help people step into their purpose by making the right choices and then keep living them out. I want to help people to switch their focus and learn to make generational choices. The role we have to play can shape the future and its effects can be felt long after we have left the land of the living.
If we follow what our heart is set upon (heartset) rather than just what our mind is set on (mindset), we are prioritising the impact we’ll have on others. I am a firm believer that if we do this, the income will take care of itself. Leading with mindset means prioritising income and leaving impact for later.
What are we here for after all? I believe we all have a purpose to fulfil and it concerns the needs of others. Our true value can’t be found in money and stuff. Our insecurities get magnified when our value is in the wrong place. We need to know that we are intrinsically purposeful and valuable.
I guess what I am trying to say is that following our hearts and making an impact will give our lives more meaning than just working on our mindset with a view to upping our own standard of living. Prioritise heartset ahead of mindset to avoid living a life that is only skin deep. Our image might look great from the outside but the heart inside suffers. We lose compassion, empathy and are less sensitive to being kind. We fall into leading from position and not from our passion. We disconnect.
Heartset establishes your purpose, power and potential, mindset determines how we think, feel and behave. When you have this in the right order powerful things happen, it gives you the balance to be set for life. 
Heartset + Mindset = Set for life
If we listen to our hearts we won’t just be after status for ourselves, there’ll be more than one winner. We’ll be able to collaborate rather than compete, happy to celebrate the success of others and comfortable even if we are no longer part of it.
The moment you try to listen to your heart and make the right choices people will come to distract you. Some may appear to be allies at the start but they’ll be threatened by your progress.
It’s not always a personal thing against you, rather a conflict that they have within themselves. Your actions, no matter how unintentional they are, spark them into living out there worst side.
Sadly, we live in a world where we will come across hurt people and not always healed people. When you live in heartset you will have to go deeper and deal with a few things that heal the heart (more on that next time), but hurt people often hurt people. Knowing how to navigate through them will help you continue to live the dream rather then allowing them to steal it.
Living a blockbuster life means we will have to deal with people who feel better when others fail rather than flourish. Don’t let that hold you back, know that everyone is on their own journey and your reaction will, in time, get them to reconsider their actions long after you have moved on.
So, watch out for…
The Flick Flackers:
They have a position of influence but no courage of conviction. They are perpetually stuck in a ‘play it safe’ mode. The thing is though, never making a decision is actually making a decision and it leads to a life of frustration. These people look to people please and, before you know it, years have flown by.
My advice: Do it anyway and get it done.
Double minded people never have any clarity. Ultimately, we are all responsible for the choices we make. Make your life count, own your choices and make moves… now… away from doubt, disbelief and dithering. Create a life of purpose and fulfill your potential.
The Bigmissers:
A bully that hides themselves as a victim. To everyone that is willing to listen they present a compelling story, with a sprinkle of humility. Yet as they get to know you, you become a threat, and they’ll slowly plot your downfall. They spend their time discussing people rather than vision and you realise that when you are not in the room, you too will be the subject of their chatter. Often found in key support roles they’ll hinder the progression of what you deem most important. Forever an obstacle and a fan of creating red tape.
They always appear under appreciated, should be earning more, and of course be more famous then they currently are in the company they find themselves in. Bigmiss was always close to winning big but will always remain small in stature for as long as they look to harm others.
Stay focussed enough to be a big hitter.
Kindness always wins. Guilt might kick in as they reflect on their low life actions as a reminder not to do it anymore. Your job is to focus on the job in hand and not miss the opportunities that you are faced with by being focussed on revenge. The reward is this: you live free to be you!
The Shapeshifters:
The plotters, the deceptive allies, the velvet glove with the rock in it. This person enters with all the answers while desiring to pull strings behind the scenes for their benefit. They live their life at the expense of others. People are pawns and this person is the pawn star. The level of corruption hides in plain sight but because of the smile you push aside the troubled feeling in your heart.
They have no problem bending rules and asking for forgiveness rather than permission. Moral decisions find themselves under the carpet along with the reputations of those that dared speak up. These people love the appearance of doing right but have no intention of living right.
These people find themselves in advisory roles and want you to play the game by their rules. For entrepreneurs, this can be an investor whose money attracted you, but given the choice you’d want it redacted. Or they sit on boards blocking your every move to discredit your character to mask the defects in their own.
Think outside the box they try and put you in:
Sometimes, you just have to play the role of a fool to fool the fool who thinks they are fooling you. Steve Maraboli
One of my favourite quotes. Acting dumb runs contrary for a capable leader but actually there will be times that letting people be their worst exposes them and in time they become trapped by their own actions.
The sign off:
You don’t have to fear the dream stealers but you need to know the tactics to navigate through the circumstances they create. Just like our homes need protection, security and wisdom in staying and remaining safe to intruders, home is where the heart is. Guard you heart. Not everyone should know what is in it, but you should be led by it. 
The world in which we live can be a strange place, full of broken people who, for some strange reason, feel better distracting others rather than seeking healing, walking from insecurities or making peace with their past.
Sadly, life experience teaches us that not everyone you encounter wants you to win.
Yet, as you play your game and show heart in the fight, you’ll win fans. People who have been afraid to step out begin to cheer you on and the “Boos” are drowned out in the myriad of “Woohoos”!
Don’t abort your dream or allow the naysayers to take you off track. Real winners focus on the goal. What you carry in your heart is why you live here in this moment. The goal is to continue to be brave in the face of the opposition and competition.
If you want to live an extraordinary life then you will have to make extraordinary choices. Those choices set you apart. Very few are ready to make that step, but the closer you tune into your heartset the more confident you will become to make choices propelled by belief.
Today, I’m telling you, no matter what the opposition, there is a way through, I promise you that. You can’t go to your next level with betrayers or pretenders. People with authenticity will be your electricity to help you level up. Don’t settle for second best!

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