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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

The threefold process to building a purposeful ‘heartset’.

The threefold process to building a purposeful ‘heartset’.

Every single man, woman and child has a heart, it’s the life force within each one of us. It goes beyond just a physical heart organ, it’s more than that, it’s what makes us tick. If we are vulnerable enough to go deep, it will reveal more about why we are here, what we are supposed to do, and lay a path for those that carry our name into the future.

‘Heartset’ is made up of three distinct parts –

The Created – Meaning

The Cause – Message

The Connection – Momentum. 

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Let me explain:

Heartset is where we find meaning, which in turn gives us a cause to carry and what this brings to others. With a clear understanding of each you will gain insights and unlock purpose.

The Created: The meaning you desire

The created state is what we are each born into. It is made up of Purpose, Power and Potential. You can live a good life, but to live a great one you need to embrace these three things. You’ll create significant impact by discovering what your purpose is and unlocking your superpower but being free enough to risk all to fulfil your potential is game-changing.


Purpose is more than why, it’s THE reason why we are here. While finding your ‘why’ is relevant, it is also only half the story. ‘Why’ brings with it a choice, yet your real purpose is what you are created for. It chose you, but you have to submit to it. You don’t have to fear it, but when you recognise it, you understand that it is what you were created for.

I liken it to someone who has come through recovery. The natural response is to want to help other people out of the pain of addiction, BUT… I believe that there is more than that. Hurt and pain wounded you and took you out. Now you have gotten free, but you need to go deeper. You were made to be more than an addict who recovered. You have a purpose. It might be counselling people, but few really explore their potential around this issue. Don’t let your recovery limit your potential.

Purpose is birthed deep within our hearts when we slow down long enough to listen to what we really desire. You need quiet, you need stillness, you need to just stop. If you are brave, ask the ask questions and stick around long enough for an answer.

In the same way that your conscience speaks within you when you’ve done something wrong, you’ll hear in your heart that same voice. We have a heart narrative that our heads often drown out. Pay attention to it.


What is amazing about the human race, is that we have the skill to communicate in a way to build the incredible. Left to the wrong devices we also have the capacity to bring great harm.

The truth of the matter is, each one of us have a unique superpower aligned for purpose. For some of us it’s connecting, for others it’s creativity, but to know it is to own it. If the school system spent more time identifying our super powers then our identity would never be put to question (more on that later).

You superpower is your gift. The thing you actually find easy that other people find hard. We cannot be good at everything and that is actually a good thing, everyone can shine.


We all have it, but not everyone realises it, or has the courage to release it. You may feel deep down you want to travel the world with a message, but if you never give yourself an opportunity to talk to strangers, you are going to struggle to fulfil you potential.

The funny thing about potential is that, left untapped, it stays just that, potential. We have to turn the taps on and begin to flow with it. Knowing our purpose and aligning our superpower to it ensures we live out our full the potential and go from just making a mark to making a remarkable impression.

We all have purpose, we all have power and we all have potential. They give us the presence to begin to step into a place of authority, undeterred by the detractors and embrace a life that challenges the status quo.

The Cause: The Message it gives you.

The outworking of understanding your created state is that you have clarity when others don’t, you’ll have confidence in your goals and the conviction to overcome opposition. That’s why people that do notable things can stand against the tide and do extraordinary things.


Clarity is knowing what you want. When you know your purpose you know what to go after. Clarity is attractive. It gives people around you certainty. You carry a message that captures people’s attention because it runs deep. Deeper than people realise. Clarity is what sets you apart. Few find it, because few want to go that deep. To build high though, you need to go deep. To build brave you also have to be willing start again, if the path you found yourself on doesn’t align.


Confidence isn’t arrogance, it’s an assurance that you are doing the right thing, and even when things don’t seem to happen overnight you have the heart to keep going. Somehow you know that the tide will turn, and an opportunity will present itself. Confidence is attractive. People can see it when you have it. True confidence flows from a place of clarity. Real confidence knows what to say no to, because you know what your yes is for.


With conviction its possible to face discomfort because the conviction of the cause is far greater than comfort. It means walking out of comfortable situations because the conviction you have enables you to move on and ‘inherit the promise’. Conviction leads despite the circumstances, undeterred by opposition and ready to embrace your true position.

The Connection: Momentum – What this brings to others

When we carry clarity, confidence and conviction we are better placed to serve others. We are stronger for it. We won’t be perfect and we’ll make mistakes, but our heart’s intentions are aligned to who we are and what we are. The real outworking of a purposeful heart is to create impact and influence in every given situation that we feel pulled towards. As a result, people will know who to call. Heart connections happen because you are now confident in your identity, comfortable with your ability and have the capacity to see things through. You are not looking to gain, rather to give and advance others.


You now stand out. When people are looking for help they know who to trust. You are identified by the assurance that comes from clarity, confidence and conviction. People want to follow you because they are confident that you are authentic. Your authenticity comes from being sure of your identity. You don’t need to wear a badge to convince people, your reputation carries you.

A reputation is established by being consistent in your identity. You stand for something and that turns attraction into lasting attention.


When people know what you stand for, you will always have the opportunity to demonstrate your ability. Literally, you will not feel you have to ask for opportunities but circumstances will present themselves that only you can solve. Circumstances will favour you. Opportunities not of your making will begin to reveal themselves and you won’t be scared of them, you’ll be full of faith that this is your time.

Doubt is often related to a lack of knowledge on your subject matter. When you know what you’re here for, the ability you carry, you’re happy to be the answer. You don’t care for the credit, you’re just happy to advance the cause written on your heart.


People can start the fight but few have the capacity to end the fight. When you are clear on your Heartset you have the depth within to keep going when others give in. That inner resolve is knowing you were born for such a time as this. You have the resources both in wisdom and strength to carry the cause into its full solution. A person with heartset has unlimited reserves of resilience (the cause continually calls) that while we go tough times, the heart within keeps beating.

Heartset becomes the power behind mindset.

Heartset gives your life meaning, carries your life message and ultimately brings momentum into what you are here for. The outworking of this ensures you have Belief, discover who Belongs in your circle, allows you to be the Best and creates a life Beyond one generation.

There are things that hurt the heart, and those enemies are there to discourage you, dislodge you, and dissolve the mark you were supposed to make. That is why you will need to work through those hurts and eventually live free from them. Why? Because otherwise the hurt makes you identify as a victim and not a victor over trying circumstances.

We don’t deny the worst has happened to us but we can limit its impact if we choose to walk from its deadly influence. When your heart is healed, you’ll be whole enough to live free from the insecurities, the doubt and the questioning that causes leaders to make mistakes for generation after generation.

Heartset will give you a life of meaning, a message to carry and the fresh momentum you desire.

Purpose people will help you get to the heart of the matter and teach you to be your true authentic self in order to release others from a life without meaning, a message that goes unheard and momentum that forever stalls.

So often we look outside for answers. We travel the world to find ourselves, when in fact the real uncharted territory is our hearts. Unlock it and discover life’s real treasure, purpose.

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