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Five ideas for a Sustainable Christmas

As part of our marketing workshop we help companies to align themselves with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals which are like a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for everyone. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. The great thing is that we can all do something to work towards these goals and we can get started by being creative in everyday ways, however small.

With Christmas only round the corner, I was doing some googling and I stumbled across several Christmas Tree Rental Sites (can’t believe I had never seen them) offering sustainable, pot grown Christmas trees to rent. The tree comes delivered to your door, is removed at the end of the season and to top it all, (for one company) you order the same tree to return to your home for consecutive years until it reaches seven foot, at which point it gets planted out in a forest! Utter brilliance.

The point is that 7 million Christmas trees end up in landfill every year. Obviously, there are ways to recycle your Christmas tree, but it’s the quirky creativity of this Christmas idea that is so appealing to me and I’m seriously considering becoming a renter, rather than a buyer.

So, anyone looking to start out on a journey to become more sustainable in your business, here’s a few simple ideas to get you thinking. Let’s not forget though, that becoming more sustainable in the way we operate our businesses is for the whole year… not just for Christmas!

1. Switch to LED Christmas lights.

When it comes to eco-friendly Christmas decorations, LEDs are far better than traditional twinkling incandescent lights, because they use up to 80% less energy. Switch to solar-powered lights outdoors, and put both sets on a timer. You’ll not only make environmental savings but your energy bills will be reduced too.

2. Gift an experience

Reduce demand for physical resources by gifting an experience. Whether it’s gifting your time or a pre-bought experience, it’s a great opportunity to bring people together.

3. Shop for sustainable gifts

Independent, sustainable brands, who make it their mission to help people and the planet are out there.

  • Good things – This brand is all about gift giving. Good things finds gifts that are made sustainably and that support charities for all ages. All of their gifts are sent in 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging.
  • Good gifts – these provide practical help, that goes directly to those in need, to help them take the first step out of poverty.

4. Give edible presents instead of ones containing plastic like these amazing Gingerbread baubles 

There certainly won’t be any waste leftover with these tempting gingerbread baubles hanging on the tree. Whip up a batch of gingerbread star biscuits, remembering to cut out a small hole at the top of each before baking. Then, simply thread some string or ribbon through each hole for hanging on the tree.

5. Decorate a tree for the birds

If your workspace is fortunate enough to have some outside space, a tree, or even a balcony or window box then why not give the birds a taste of Christmas? Place seed bells, suet, pine cones with peanut butter, and seed trays outside in the open, preferably high enough to enable cats to be seen easily by the birds.

Making a commitment to becoming more sustainable as a business by aligning your operations with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals creates legacy for your brand. Today’s consumers are looking for brands that are making a positive impact on people, purpose and the planet. Why not sign up for a workshop today to help your brand to impact generations?

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