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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

New website, new moves

Today, our new website went LIVE and we are excited because we have our narrative right at the heart of it.

Since the pandemic began, we have seen a clear shift from companies simply chasing after money to companies wanting to lead with purpose. So, although we were proud of our old website, we wanted the new site to showcase the purpose filled journey on which we have taken hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders. The new site also enables you to see what the brand journey looks like beyond launch and how we have bought in new streams to ensure that you flourish in this changing landscape.

The site is structured around the FOUR main streams that support you as you build a purpose filled business. There’ll be loads of other exciting things to talk about over the coming weeks, but we wanted to take this opportunity to show you how we can help you to build purpose and gain momentum, no matter where you are on the journey.

The Purpose Playbook journey is made up of the four key streams which serve to give you a clear perspective on how things should look in the future.

The Purpose Playbook focusses on:

Belief: Getting clear on your mission, vision and values.
Belong: Understanding your audience, what is their pain and how you will solve it.
Best: Clarifying your value proposition – What makes you famous.
Beyond: What makes you different beyond the people you employ?
It is this journey that gives you the clarity you need to be a voice in a crowded marketplace with more new business than ever before. The Purpose Playbook is the ultimate kickstarter and its influence will help you scale your business and transition into being an authority in the market place.

BELIEF – Believe in you, to get your ‘who’.

This is an essential part of our 360º marketing journey with the Purpose Playbook at the heart of the process.

We spend half a day with you, taking you through the FOUR pillars to establish the business narrative that learns from the past, embraces the present, and keeps one eye on the future.

Once this is in place, we will then build out your Creative Strategy, giving you three creative ideas to pitch your business back to you. Doing this helps us to be exceptionally clear on the message before we look at the method. You choose the ONE that works best and we then build your Brand, including all the assets to support the narrative.

With this in place, we can then design your website, complete with a prototype, including content, written with SEO in mind. Once we are happy, we build, you sign off and we go LIVE.

This journey is designed to get people to believe in your mission, commit to your vision and value what you value. It helps propel you into the future of brand building, through community and advocacy.

BELONG – Serve your who by being their champion.

The ‘belong’ journey is where we help you build a community around the opportunity. Brands that win are realising that selling on social is getting harder. Adding value first is the thing that gets people’s attention. It’s about showing, not just selling.

Based on the outcomes from the Purpose Playbook, we will look to engage your audience with regular content that supports them, and even show you how to build online groups and communities with engaging content.

This process is all about building the tribe, to thrive.

Sales funnels help us take your data on a journey, allowing us to keep your audience informed using Podcasts (a great way to establish your authority). As you build a following, you can then bring people together in an online community, inspiring them to get involved using Social Media content, enhancing your narrative all the while.

We can then set an online challenge over a number of days where you add value each day. People sign up to an entry level product or experience where they will get maximum value, build trust and credibility to encourage further investment.

BEST – Build your authority by demonstrating your authenticity.

Once you have people’s attention, you need to focus on retention. You can be part of the scaling journey by telling your own story and establishing confidence by becoming best in your field.

This is done by communicating regularly to your audience using blogs and case studies, while building in an education arm to your business focussed on adding more value.

We can help you write the course, film the course and even build its own dedicated online platform, complete with the learning journey in place to measure progress.

The knowledge economy is one of the fastest growing sectors, and, with the experience you have you can help people learn with ‘a pay as you grow’ model. As your influence and impact increases, the last part of the journey is to help you write and publish your book. A book serves as an excellent way to show people how you have made it this far and inspire them to embark on their own journey.

If you are brave, this methodology can really help you establish yourself as a speaker, and with our extensive list of connections, we can help you find the right stage to speak.

BEYOND – Being purposeful with your time, talent and treasure

Our legacy piece is the newest addition to our journey. We adopted some of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals ourselves, the most evident of which was Goal 3 – Good Health and Well Being. As a result we implemented a 4 day work week across our business. We then embraced the B-Corp journey (and we’re nearly there! More on that once we’ve finally made it!).

If B-Corp is something you want to discover more about, look no further than the team at Business On Purpose to provide the support you need.

Working with our skilled partners we can help your company embark on the Research and Development journey. Our partners, Celtic Innovation Services, can help you with bid writing and  this then enables you to claim cash back from HMRC.

Infinite Possibilities!

These four pillars will continue to grow with the landscape but we are now primed for the next phase of where ‘brand’ is heading. One thing remains unchanged, if you tell the right story you will get the right enquiry.

Keep checking back, for more stories from our clients, and see how we can help you pursue impact which, in its turn, takes care of income.

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