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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

Time will tell. It’s an old saying but one that we need to pay attention to

Many people fear failure, but for a vast majority of entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders, fearing success can also be problematic.

You know how it is, you win, and you stop yourself posting anything because you think it’s a brag and you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. It seems as if you are coming across like you have a value problem.

I want to let you in on a secret. Positivity wins. Learning to share is actually about showing that you care. Entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders need to show others that it can be done. It isn’t easy at times, and the odd negative comment can bring you down no matter how great you are doing.

I’m not saying we should all go BIG on the material things and have endless videos of cash on our bed or in the glove box of our supercar either. What I’m saying is, don’t let the haters win and minimise the results of hard work. As you grow and your reputation grows you’ll be amazed at some of the stories that surface.

I used to hate it with a passion when people made unjust accusations, I just wanted to fight my corner. Then, I realised… time tells.

You see, if you keep doing good things, eventually the evidence speaks louder than you can. If you focus on what good you can do, the perceived, the assumed and the absurd get exposed. So, share your wins on social, it will impact more people than you think.

Authenticity is about sharing failures, but why not share your successes too? If you don’t, then isn’t that just as bad as being fake? For that person that told you that you’d never write a book, share it when you do! (I did!) For that person that said you couldn’t run a business, every day you trade will show more about them than you – so share it!

You see, the more time tells, the opinions of haters become less and less important and the people that listen to them begin to trust them less. That’s right, your success isn’t for you, it’s stopping a spread of disinformation that is affecting others from walking out their dream.

You see I’m BIG on purpose and I know that discouraging words have ruined many people’s worlds. Start dreaming again and living life on purpose. Share your wins with the world because someone, somewhere, right at this moment, needs to see it and read it. Winning isn’t about you, it is about showing people that anyone can! You can inspire others to believe. If I can do that, and live with that as a perspective then you too can carry a right motive for success and enrich and help others to discover and live their journey.

Words penetrate far deeper than our mind and once they have settled in our heart, doubt can set in. You’ve heard the saying about ‘taking things to heart’. Well, we do take negative words into our hearts whether we like it or not and whatever words are said afterwards they won’t minimise the affect.

Here are a few tips on what it means to share success without coming across as a BIG shot.
By showing more, you remove the need to sell more, because evidence usually creates confidence.

Picture perfect:

Share a picture of someone who has helped you. Why does this help? It helps you remember where you have come from and gives them a FREE platform to be introduced to your contacts!

Wins register:

I’m learning the value of it. As a futurist, once I’m done, I’m on to the next. It’s a great trait to have but also know that sometimes I need to reflect on the journey more. Why? Because each victory I have had while building a brand marketing agency is a lesson learned that I can pass onto others. The wins register is just a list of wins compiled at the end of each week. When tough times come you can reflect on your wins and remember that you have what it takes to overcome the challenges of the future.

Write about it:

Like I’m doing here! Writing about your thoughts and how you are winning is just as important as sharing your struggles. You see, we can all tell a story about being a victim, but inspiration comes from relating what we did to reach victory. Victims need to be shown the way out. If you have experienced any success your job is to show them it can be done!

Tell true tales:

One of the most powerful things we have done in recent times is interviewing our clients on video. Having your clients on camera makes for great watching and creates more impact than the written word (Queen and Whippet video is worth a watch). When you have people on film, it makes your business appear more authentic than ever. REAL brands are not what you say about you, it’s what other people say about you that counts most!

Bad seed produces:

Learn to let go. I’ve heard some stories of late that make for interesting reading when it comes to people’s misconceptions. As my public platform grows I have a choice, either to name and shame (as many people seem to love doing) or to use the platform for good, time will tell. The younger me would have delighted in it, but the more mature me knows that I might be able to help the naysayers in the future. It’s not about proving people wrong but showing them that kindness always wins in the end.

The journey of Joseph in the Bible is a great example of someone whose life proved the old adage that time tells.  Joseph and with his coat of many colours, sold into slavery, unjustly locked in prison managed to eventually save his brothers from famine because that was the right thing to do.

Time told.

Negativity hurts, but dwelling on it can seriously hurt your business and ruin the culture. Rather than focussing on revenge, focus on the reward that can come from doubling down on good, rather than getting even. Time exposes. In my relatively short life I’ve seen that the people who hide the truth normally get exposed by it.

Focus on doing good things and you will live a great life. Don’t get distracted by the noise of haters, just concern yourself with ensuring that everyone wins.

There is enough room for everyone to be successful, so tell your story and be brave about it.
Time will tell.

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