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Give your message momentum.

Where plan A failed, Plan B will work

For us B-Corp was something we were interested in way before it existed. I had had an idea for an ‘Ethical Media Network’ where I would unite businesses in media around a higher standard. As far I was concerned, the world of brand marketing, advertising and media had gotten itself a bad name for being connected with sleaze, lies and other kinds of dishonesty. Just to give one example, I was thinking of reports I’d heard in our industry of models being hired and not paid correctly or even being taken advantage of.

In actuality, I was thinking too small, and while I was focussing on an embryonic vision for Cre8ion, B-Corp was forming. So, when I decided to revisit this deep conversation, many years later on, and in a position to do something about it, I discovered that someone else had taken the idea of a kind of ethical business network and made it into a certification that was open to any business, media related or otherwise.

I had been looking at a Fair Trade for Business and, while I thought about creating one, I went about building a company that would fit when the world was ready. A few years later, we arrived at our destination. We had failed to get plan A birthed, but plan B was equally as good in concept and, dare I say, bigger, better and bolder. So we went on the epic journey to register – on 1st October 2019 I started Cre8ion out on the process of getting certification to become a B-Corp

As of Monday this week, we finally got confirmation that we are now a B-Corp and will be leading with the message that you can have a business on purpose and for profit. It has taken us two and a half years which is a bit longer than the average. Our thanks to all three staff members, past and present, Audrey, Roz, George and Nathan for their contribution and for helping us to do this! Audrey got the process off the blocks, Roz and George kept the momentum and Nathan got it over the line.

If you are thinking about becoming as B Corp, let me tell you a little about what the process of application entails. You get going by filling in an online questionnaire and seeing how your company scores against their criteria. The average business scores between 50-55 and in order to qualify for the application process you need to bring your score up to above 80 by engaging in the right kind of activity. We scored 85.7 which is really amazing!

There are six sections relating to your business which the application process covers.

Disclosure questionnaire

Each section reflects a lot of what the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals are aiming to achieve. B Corp want to know what your business is doing for people, purpose and planet and the kind of positive impact you are having.

One of the key things that stood out for us in the process was making sure our business was purpose led and one of the things that made us most excited was the question about how many of our clients were purpose driven…and on reflection I realised that they all were! Once we had taken them through the Purpose Playbook they couldn’t help but be!

Through the Purpose Playbook we showed people that you can win when you make purpose a priority. It runs deeper than mindset alone (although a great mindset is an asset), but having a heart set after purpose ensures you lead with impact and cause rather than just chasing income and cash.

Getting the B Corp badge is not where we stop, it’s actually become a new starting point. We are now going to encourage more people to embrace B Corp certification through the BEYOND part of our Purpose Playbook.

Having recently relaunched our website and now with the missing piece of the jigsaw in place (the B-Corp logo), we will continue to inspire other companies to embrace this journey. You see, creating a movement is about you believing in it first and we do. We believe this validates who we are and speaks volumes to people looking for a ‘like-hearted’ business to do business with.

Our newfound B Corp status also shows us that we’ve grown up, transitioning from wanting to be something, to actually becoming that thing!

As we move into a new phase for Cre8ion, the future is looking bright and, for those that we currently serve, it’s shining even brighter.

Here are a few reasons for becoming a B-Corp:

>You can show people in an instant that you are purpose driven.

>You belong to a community of like-hearted people that want to change the world.

>You adhere to a set of standards and ethics that give people confidence.

>You have the credentials to inspire others to embrace the movement.

>You are unified by the vision of transforming the marketplace to do good.

>You have created and will continue to build a collaborative culture.

>Everyone you work with (both clients and suppliers) gets it.

Special thanks to Andy Hawkins of Business on Purpose who worked with us to bring everything together to make the grade. An absolute legend and the one person you need on the journey to be your guide, a sherpa with whom to scale the mountain, that is the B-Corp journey.

So, what started as Plan A, eventually became plan B and maybe for the first time, Plan B was indeed much much better. My failure was thinking too small and every time I see that B-Corp logo it’s another reminder to always think big, even if the timing isn’t quite right, because eventually the paths will align.

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