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Give your message momentum.

Look in, look out, look up and look down

Sometimes it’s really hard to focus. Distraction appears to be our main attraction these days.

Yet, being able to focus sets the standards for winners. We can all win but the greatest competitor isn’t the one standing next to you, or the leader in your field – it’s actually you!

When I studied around mindset and read stacks of books on the subject, I realised that mindset works with a set of beliefs, but finding those beliefs requires us to go deeper. It requires us to transition from a human doing to a human being.

Let me explain… A coach will ask you questions to signpost you into actions that enable you to get closer to your goals. A good coach will challenge mindsets that are limiting your ability to get to your destination and an exceptional one will challenge what is in your heart.

I realised that what is in your heart will give you the conviction you need when circumstances are trying. People that win through literally dig deep to a place where belief is birthed, the heart. HeartSet allows us to look for the clues that formed the beliefs we have, examines how we are executing on them in the present and gives us the clarity we need for the future.

We have recorded a short course that opens this up, together with a worksheet that helps us frame our HeartSet for purpose and group workshops to activate it. Now, together with a strong mindset, you’ll have the tools to be action set.

As I taught this recently at the University of the West of England (UWE), over multiple sessions, I realised what a privilege it was to be giving the students a head start by making them examine their heart choices. You see, you might have the mindset to get life done, and end up making lots of money, but miss out on fulfilment. I believe you can have both, and that has been the journey I have been investing in for the last 20 years. Yes, I could have become richer more quickly, but only on the surface and with fleeting things, not the things which bring joy. Today, I’m richer because I have Team Irwin around me and they wouldn’t be there if I had continued down my ambitious path of me, myself and I.

I was self aware enough to know what I was great at, but selfish in my approach. All my decisions were based on how the outcome would affect me. I was chasing comfort, not conviction, and reversing that has brought the biggest change in my life.

So, first we need to look in, examine where we have come from and search for clues as to where our purpose first started to show up. I share that lego and storytelling were core to my ‘play days’ where I would forget to eat! A BIG clue in what I was supposed to do.

Asking questions about the past will help you identify who you really are and if bad stuff did happen take some time to realise that helping others overcome that pain might not be your FULL calling. Let’s take addiction for example. If we have been addicted to something that hindered our life choices, when we got free from it, we embrace a life of helping others out of addiction. Now, that might be how you use your resources, but go deeper, your true identity is probably more than that! You might be a gifted teacher, only addiction and a lack of opportunity at the right time stopped you getting educated for it, but once free, be brave and start teaching. Your subject might not be addiction but rather teaching people to express themselves from the heart, free from toxins.

Once you’ve done this, you can start to look out, and focus on living life in the present. Too often we find it hard to live in the now, chasing tomorrow, or letting our past mistakes hinder us from enjoying it.

Being caught up in scrolling on my phone, planning the future has had my children call me into the present and share the experience of a game, a film or even a meal. Living in the present is learning to love the moments and enjoy making them, they set us up for the future. So celebrate those wins, the good days and joy of creating memories. We’ll show you how.

Living in the present gets you ready to look up and plan the future. There is nothing better than having something to look forward to. Yes, and make it personal. In 2022, I am making a choice to take the whole of August off. Why? My family need me. I wish I could have done it sooner but here we are. We are checking out and making our own tradition. Funnily enough, August is the month Clare and I got married so it’s worth investing in the occasion. In 2021, Covid stole our 20th anniversary! We spent it lying in bed feeling feverish and slightly the worse for wear! Now we plan to own August 2022! It’s great living out purpose, but even better celebrating it with those who have been working hard alongside, all on board the ship!

Finally, HeartSet will help you look down by crafting clear statements of intent to create the alignment for the assignment and tying up our past, present and future. These clear statements should become core to our life choices, framing our convictions and the way we execute – what we say yes to and what we say no to. We’ll remain clear on where we are headed.

A life that flows out of your HeartSet will allow you to carry your message across multiple methods and turn your story into a life of purpose, passion and power!

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