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Give your message momentum.

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I’ve written hundreds of blogs of the years, and helped thousands of people gain clarity, and finally, after a long time of asking, it is here. I’ve managed to get our HeartSet Course down on video!

I don’t want to hard sell to anyone, but following a ‘test drive’ of the video course and sharing some of the content with UWE students, I can honestly say that this a course that can bring alignment into your life when it comes to pursuing purpose. Investing in yourself to develop as a professional is something we can struggle to get round to, but spending money on a book or a course can change your life.

HeartSet is all about creating alignment for your particular assignment. It is about understanding the power of having your past, present and future aligned around what is in your heart and making sure your time counts.

Many people talk about mindset and of the importance of having a healthy one if you want to live a transformed life. HeartSet, however, is the thing that creates belief in the first place. You see, in our busy world, much of our time is spent dealing with the many distracting voices that are vying for our attention. What we really need is the time and space to go deeper into what is in our hearts.

How many of us have been doing something that seems right, but deep down in your heart, it doesn’t fit. I had this experience when I was about to take over an award winning creative agency. It looked right on paper, it was going to look great on my CV and there was the promise of so much more… it was all there. Yet, in my heart of hearts, I knew that taking it would be killing my values… I would slowly become cynical and start making choices that would enhance my value at the expensive of others – both directly and indirectly. I would have been working for alcohol and cigarette companies, which paid well, but there was a price to pay. In fact we were all feeling uncomfortable about it but we distracted ourselves with the very thing we were marketing.

The HeartSet course would have stopped me in my tracks (if I had written it then) and asked me those deeper questions which, when answered, open the door to a fulfilled life. We are created for good, to do good, but somehow life and its experiences leads us to make the choice to survive rather than thrive. HeartSet allows us to reset, reframe and repurpose what we do with our resources, our time, talent and our treasure.

The course covers the three clear areas that frame our choices: the past, the present and the future. The HeartSet Matrix helps us to begin to see how we can bring positive alignment from the clues of the past, choices in the moment and plans for the future.

Let me show you…

The Past
This isn’t a self help journey for you to discover an unhealthy memory that triggers pain, the past is explored here for a moment to discover what you really ‘loved’ doing and in the fullness of time, let it go. I’ve shared before how I used to play with Lego and tell stories. Today, I do just that, but rather than playing with Lego people I help build real people’s lives and businesses around purpose.

The Present
Living life in the present is hard for a futurist or someone who cannot let go of the things in the past that held them back. One way of doing this is doing exactly what you enjoy in the moment, in the day. It’s about not wasting a moment and being fully aware of where we are headed.

The Future
We should all be looking to the future with hope and we can identify what needs to be planned in so that days, months and years are not stolen by circumstance, they are lived with conviction. The future is what we are all looking to build and by doing the HeartSet Course, you will gain clarity and from it conviction.

So, how much time will this really take?
Well, first of all I suggest you need some alone time. The course itself provokes deep questions and the content itself is around an hour, broken up into 6 sessions that pose the deeper questions that need answering. We will educate you around those questions and help you compose the answers that you’ve been looking for, but maybe you’ve never taken the time to answer! Life was too busy.

What does it cost?
We want to make it affordable and get people to tell as many people about it as possible by removing the barriers. The online course, including downloadable workbook, is £99.00. Even if that’s a stretch right now, in the long term £99.00 to work out your life’s purpose is a small price to pay.

We invest in tech and entertainment, but it’s time to invest in you, even if investing in yourself is something you feel guilty about. I have invested much time, treasure and other people’s talent to be educated to a higher level than where I started, and I continue to do so. You need wisdom to transform where your past has landed you! In the present you can build a future that inspires both you and the generations following – it’s an investment worth making!

What happens afterwards?
Well, everyone that finishes the course will be met online for a conversation around the answers to help you begin to plan the life you really want to live. You might have to make some BIG choices, life defining ones, and I have plenty of experience in that! I will be meeting everyone who has done the course for a Q and A session once they have completed their assignment! No cheating! You must ‘get it done’.

So, £99.00 for an hour, on your own, with some focussed time that will help transform the way you live your life seems like an over sell, but those that have done it already are getting the clarity that they have been looking for!

Many courses help you on the journey, but few take the responsibility of actually answering the deeper questions such as, “Why me?” “Why this?” “Why now?”

Invest in yourself and get your HeartSet for purpose.

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