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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

Where compassion goes further than empathy…

If empathy is a powerful tool then compassion is the uber, level up superpower.

Compassion has the ability to transform people and situations. It doesn’t just put things into a place ‘fixed’, it leaves reality reshaped, never to be the same. That is what Purpose is about. When you discover it, it transforms everything, you can’t live life the same and you can’t process life without it.

Jesus, in the Bible, was moved with compassion before he performed His miracles. It was a step beyond empathy. You can feel empathy for someone without actually stepping in to help. However, when you allow empathy to go deeper, compassion takes over.

So, if you really want traction, empathy is the gateway to compassion, but to leave an impact, compassion requires action.

It is not about… ‘I feel you’. It is more about “I actually want to do something about it.” Being moved with compassion is taking time to leave the environment you encountered in a better place. Now, we are not all miracle workers, but your perspective, insight and transformative application put together can seem like it.

You can make an impact and you can leave a legacy.

In the midst of the Jubilee, I have been thinking about how a kingdom transcends one family by its ability to transcend generations. A legacy is cemented in the hearts and minds of the people when their leaders care, and care enough to part with time, treasure and talent. The greatest strategy in the world is to care!

The way we spend our resources comes from how deep we allow empathy to run in us. If we allow it to move us, the compassion that arises within sees us willingly spending time making a difference, investing in others and ultimately using our talent for a higher purpose.

Empathy is where good brands hear people, and compassion is what causes great brands to go beyond.

B-Corps are a case in point. B-Corp delve deep to discover whether companies who say they want to make a difference actually do. That is compassion in action. It’s also the reason why we are happy to be one.

Compassion moved me to help people by creating a mastermind to unlock the power of purpose and find people to build it with.

In the amazing surroundings of Calcot Manor, deep in the Cotswolds, you can get out from the day to day of being an entrepreneur, business owner or leader and ask the deeper questions that are demanding answers.

I will be drilling down on HeartSet and Tracey Smolinski will be helping you to unlock connections to turn a moment into momentum. In times like these it is not about surviving it is about thriving!

HeartSet will transform your life and ensure that you live a life of compassion, which in turn brings you closer to like-hearted people. Imagine making decisions that mean you don’t have to escape from your business at the weekends! Thinking about Monday on Sunday will no longer steal your afternoon of relaxation. Finding your dream clients becomes possible because you’re doing what you were always supposed to be doing.

You’ll live with empathy, but be moved with compassion. We’ll help you see where you do your best work and give you strategies to help you stay focussed and meaningful tools to get you heard above the noise.

Competition is healthy, compassion is a superpower!

Your products and services are something you believe in (if you don’t, stop and do something else). So how do you prove that you can make a difference? It’s by doubling down on sharing and showing people how you do it.

Cre8ion has helped thousands of people put purpose at the heart of their business. In the midst of these troubled times, people have resorted to quitting on their dream rather than doubling down on their plan to make it happen. We want to put stop to this!

We want to give people the tools to lead from conviction rather than circumstance. It is what helped Steve Jobs fight back after he had been released from the company he started, it’s what drove Elon Musk to keep investing in electric vehicles and rockets. Deep down, they believed that the best outcome of empathy was to have enough compassion to build the dream, rather than making excuses.

Transformative businesses invest in self-development and great leaders invest in themselves. Take some time, one full day, to invest some of your treasure (£997.00), and level up to give your talent the platform it deserves.

Book a day to acquire transformative tools and tactics that will enrich you as a leader, inspire your team and ultimately make known what you stand for and what you stand against.

That is how movements are made! Make the right move to get started today!

Purposeful Connections MasterClass

Transform your business trajectory in the dream setting of the Cotswolds – Calcot Manor

Thursday 7th July 2022, 9-5pm

Learn more and book tickets today!

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