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Give your message momentum.

Make your life easier by going global with these ten simple hacks…

We have all heard people talk about wanting to take over the world. Maybe most of us, deep down, would like to take our brand or product across the world and become internationally recognised as the leader in our field. For most people, the reality is that, bar some large investment capital to scale, going global seems miles away.

As I reflected over the last few years of the pandemic and the dealing with the fallout, I am reminded that those same circumstances that tried us actually opened doors to new clients and new territory.

Going global might be a bit closer than we think…

This week I wanted to share with you a few tips on how you can take your brand closer to world domination, even if it takes a little time.

1. Get a payment gateway on your website

Of course businesses sell products this way, but as a service business, it’s a necessity for global reach. Creating a payment gateway on your website can help you deal with Credit Card Payments, which are often the most trusted way of making international payments.

2. Get to know the different time zones

You need to know your EST from your BST and there are a few websites that can help you do that. Most notably, that has helped me to understand the time differences from Dubai to South Africa, and Florida to Texas. Going global means changing your daily routine, so if you do have a lot of late night calls ahead, then start later in the day to remain fresh.

3. Get used to joining some Facebook Groups

While Facebook’s reach is questionable (another story), being part of a Facebook groups really helps you connect with people outside of your network. I have people on my friends list that I’ve spoken to within Facebook groups and, as a result, international discussions for the future opened up. Connecting with these friends allowed me to see their world and give them a glimpse of mine.

4. Get used to exploring different media streams

Expand your audience beyond your normal channels with video and audio interviews on your products and services, showcasing collaborations. Why not go on other people’s podcasts, send email (yes, it still is a thing) or even use new social media tools such as Discord. Gen Z spend more time on Tik Tok, Snapchat, Discord and YouTube while hanging out in community groups on Roblox, Fortnite and Twitch. 

5. Get used to giving things away

Writing a book will take a lot of your time but it will also add a lot of authority. You can speak at events to sell the BIG dream, but the listeners need to find out more about the way you think and feel and how you live your life. A book gives added value, real life examples and begins to reveal the possibilities the relationship could bring if they trusted you with their hard earned cash. You can get your copy of The Crisis Catalyst right here at –

6. Get used to being in front of the camera and not behind it

I used to hate video as it made me uncomfortable. I felt unnatural in front of the camera and I always wanted to be perfect. Perfection isn’t really a thing, but progress is. The best way to get delivered from wanting to be perfect is to just start. If you start to show ‘Reels” they will gain more and more traction on social media and the influence and impact they can have on your viewership demand that you overcome your hang ups. Your words could actually change another person’s world, without being perfect. If you have an exceptional talent, it is your job to speak to people where they are, and for the most part, people are watching video! Youtube, Facebook and
Instagram have doubled down on reels for reach above anything else. As a creator, you need to great at creating…

7. Get used to talking to strangers

Your Mother or Father used to tell you not to talk to strangers but, if you want to scale, meeting strangers how you build community. You might not trade with everyone you meet, but you might meet people that share your values and you will need them in your boat! Being clear on those values makes it easier to find valuable connections and contacts. A wider reach has its own rewards.

8. Get used to travelling more

Now we are out of the pandemic, countries are opening up, as are the restrictions. With that there are plenty of opportunities to get globe trotting and take part in events that are outside of the UK. Going global happens by itself when you travel globally! If you have a tight tribe then why not create your own event like this for your business and invite clients, prospects and friends to create a global community for multiple opportunities. 

9. Get wiser by educating yourself and challenging your beliefs

Experience tells. Invest in yourself by taking courses to gain insights. It can move you forward years. We spend loads of money on tools and we need to invest in fresh insights on how to use them. Improve ‘you’ and give your ‘who’ a regular advantage. Wisdom creates clarity for both you and your audience. I am always reading, listening, scrolling and talking with people who think differently. I might not always believe in everything they have to say, but different perspectives actually bring greater clarity to my own. If you are struggling with Purpose for example, our HeartSet course is a great place to start –

10. Get used to change because that is the one thing that will always remain

When I was younger I’d hit on something that worked and I’d double down on it but became wed to its success in the process. Today, I always asked the question, is it serving me now and will it do so in the future? That was one of the reasons why we reinvented our Workshop to the Purpose Playbook ( People were getting exceptional value from our workshops, but the world was changing and we needed to focus on the Purpose of every message. The four pillars of Belief, Belong, Best and Beyond reshaped our entire business model. Belief, Belong, Best and Beyond are helping us build with an exceptional message for exceptional companies and give everyone momentum in the marketplace.

Going global isn’t as far away as you think. At Cre8ion, we have connected and worked with people from all over the globe. We love it. Taking our message of purpose across the planet really does align to our core mission to use the media to create community impact, globally. 

I hope that reading this blog will give you at least one idea to help you prepare for the opportunity that you are waiting for and somehow when you put things into place, the right jobs present themselves.

If you want to connect with us from anywhere in the world, then please get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to meet on Zoom, Teams, HangOuts, FaceTime or even on a flight to somewhere hot!

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