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Give your message momentum.

The Power of the Challenge that Creates Opportunity

Over the course of around 25 years in marketing, we’ve seen trends that have transformed industries and watched as ‘everyone’ did it, and then, moved on. One such recent trend was the Facebook Challenge model which provided community and a place to add significant value in the middle of a pandemic.

Now that the pandemic is over, working from home has swung back to working from the office and we are starting to find a balance, but with one major difference: online interaction is here to stay.

In this slightly changed climate, many people are finding themselves on a quest to find NEW revenue streams… but where to start? I think that a good way to start is to look at what you already have and use that. You might have a dormant database that needs re-awakening, for example. And how do you awaken a dormant database? Easy, start with a challenge! With a challenge, you get to meet the faces behind the names and overnight you’ll build a community where people belong!

The challenge model is simple: you create 1 hour of FREE teaching per day for a week on a subject that matters to your audience. Then, on the last day, give them an offer of your services (at a reduced price) that can make an even bigger difference to them. Signing up for your services will be of more interest to your audience as they will have already experienced some of what you have to offer during the week! It’s evidence based marketing. Try before you buy!

Here are a few reasons to implement the challenge model.

Challenges bring the personality to the database:
Delivering a challenge to people within a group is one of the best things you can do with your client base. We worked with a client and their previously dormant list and bought it to life through a Facebook group built around a Facebook challenge.

Imagine having a database of customers that you meet online who can ask you questions while interacting with other people on the same journey. Real community and real time support!

Deliver purpose, by taking away the pain and making your promise, all ahead of time…

We can work with you to identify your audience’s biggest challenge that your business solves. Get that right, and it creates a depth to your brand that traditional digital methods fail to deliver on. 

Be clear on your purpose, lead with the impact you can make and be true to your mission, vision and values.

Understand the trap people find themselves in and share the story of how you managed to get out of it! 

Show them how they can join others on the same journey and showcase those you have already helped. 

This approach is a simple core strategy and it will create empathy and add value! It’s at the heart of the challenge model. We helped a client to teach their audience how to get online in 5 days. From starting a website to taking great photos, and from copywriting and content to social media management and legals. At the end of the journey, the audience were introduced to the relevant services that they would need to protect their businesses. Many new customers joined as a result of the challenge.

Challenges can work for business to business as well as business to consumer, it’s basically human to human!

Everyone has a need and you need to be confident in your authority to meet the need. We work with you to establish the clarity you need to be confident in front of the screen. This will help you to deliver the information and insights that your audience need to make a difference to their world. 

When you tell your story, it’s the truth and it comes from a place of vulnerability. The trust this  creates also creates traction.   

A LIVE Challenge is great, but everyone can play catch up.
One of the tests of the challenge is to find a time that works. While going LIVE is great for most people, not everyone will do the challenge LIVE, and that is perfectly ok. So, find a time that works for you but don’t get hung up with how many people are watching, get focussed on making sure everything they need is available after the LIVE session to support them on their own journey.

The very best in ‘taste and see’ marketing:
We’ve all bought items in a supermarket after tasting a sample. The challenge model uses the same process, allowing people to get a LIVE taster of just who you are, what you do, how you make a difference and why you do what you do. 

When you add real value and make a real difference, it makes it easier to sell because you’ve shown that you can. The challenge model removes the mystery and becomes proof of concept.  

So make your challenge a gateway to fresh opportunity…

If you have a database that needs reawakening, we believe that using the ‘challenge model’ is a powerful way to do it. What’s more, we have all the tools to help you to pull it off perfectly in our Cre8ion toolkit. Once you have created a strong brand, you can build a stronger community using a challenge!

Get in touch with us today and we can turn your challenge into an opportunity.

Our latest challenge is coming soon with the team from ‘Learn All About Property’. They’ll help you to get started with property investment in ways you previously thought were impossible. Stay tuned and check them out on

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