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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

Creating alignment for your assignment is at the heart of the matter.

There is a saying that appears in the Bible that has always stuck with me because it’s such a clear indication of someone living a life of conviction, to the extent that they were willing to die for it. It’s this:

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

The most purposeful people I’ve met either knew at a young age what to do with their lives or they went off track and then went back and discovered clues from their past about what they were supposed to be doing. Now they know how to use their resources to double down on that thing that they were born for and then, most importantly, they look forward to the future with more hope.

One of the the biggest challenges we face in our modern society is that of identity. From peer pressure to social media, all external influences are vying for our attention and trying to influence us. Ironically, it’s when we take some time out to listen to what is going on deep inside (not outside) that we gain clarity.

I hear one of the number one career paths Gen Z aspire to is to be a YouTuber. I do wonder though, if you were to ask these wonderful creative young people what message they are looking to communicate to their audience, it might leave many of them perplexed. YouTube, as with other existing tools, will gain you a following, but if people are following us, we need to be clear on where we are taking them! If we know that, then we truly are influencers.

The choices we make should be tuned into what is going on in our hearts, and that is what determines whether we are walking in, or out of step with purpose.


I’ve said this many times, that if we are honest with ourselves, many people are living life heartsick because their hearts are not set on the right things. We are carrying wounds and bruises and, unfortunately, hurt people often hurt other people. Changing our hearts may require the help of a professional to get through the trauma, but deep down, no matter what has happened to us, we all still have purpose and if we are going to spend our time on anything, to feel fulfilled, we need to know it, grow it and show it to the world. Life is a gift, and locked within it, is the reason behind why you were born.

It is possible to tune into what is in the heart and remaining sensitive to its beat.

We can either walk in step to the beat of our purpose or out of step with it. Your heartbeat carries blood all around your body and science tells us that life is carried in the blood. When purpose is truly alive in your body, it shapes your life, and purpose is what should give your body oxygen!

As much as we are given a body to live our life out, we are given a purpose to shape what we do with it. Don’t get caught up in just seeking pleasure, real pleasure comes from peace and peace comes from knowing and doing what we are supposed to do. People are created with a purpose and for a purpose, and ultimately we should fulfil that purpose. Not many people take the time to invest in their purpose.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to looking for purpose, look for signposts. You’ll see things that you never noticed before when you take some time out to reflect. One of the things I noticed is that I have an ability to gather people. When i was young, I gathered people to go car washing and now I’m building multiple businesses. I get a vision and then gather people to go together to achieve that aim. It went from car washing so that we could buy trainers to starting agencies to make an impact! I realised that if we find a cause we can believe in, we’ll also find others wanting to join us.

As I took time to understand myself, I realised, that when I started going deeper I transitioned from looking after self, to becoming selfless. Call it being impact led, rather than income led. Earning money is certainly part of it and being able to buy things makes me feel good, and validates me, but when I go deeper I find there’s more value in helping others.

I was on that journey when, back in 2001, I was travelling with my girlfriend in my sports car. I was about to sign papers to own 25% of an award winning marketing agency in London and Bristol. She called me out by appealing to my heart, and I realised that what made sense in my head wasn’t to be found anywhere in my heart. I didn’t want to make oodles of money out of helping to sell cigarettes and alcohol and helping to end peoples lives (which is what I was doing). When I listened to my heart (it had become a bit of a faint voice), I took action and followed it, quit the agency and that selfish life I was pursuing and went after my heart. In doing so I rediscovered values that helped me add value to the lives of others and, in the midst of it all, I got married.

Looking at my past, I realised I loved telling stories and so I doubled down on using my time, talents and treasure to make that happen with Cre8ion. Helping people create movements by applying what was in their heart to their brands.

Today, I am helping businesses with more than just their brands. I’m giving people more confidence to be ‘heart-led’. From software (Di9ital) to culture (HUM4NS), networking (Introbiz Bristol) to storytelling (Cre8ion), I realised that being a business owner wasn’t enough, I was born to be an entrepreneur.

True purpose-driven leaders recognise what is in other people’s hearts and release them into it. You can’t beat a heart that is set on the right things and I have found ‘like hearted’ people at every stage of my journey! We all believe in what we are doing. Each of our ventures come from a place of conviction to change the circumstances that surround us and not be shaped by them.

Mindset is a determination to get things done, push through and do well. HeartSet, on the other hand, is knowing that I have no other choice but to do this and my mind is going to align with it!

HeartSet and the sound of the heart is about creating alignment for the assignment.
When you can hear the sound of your heart, you’ll never forget it!

So, how do you create alignment for the assignment, with a conviction and cause you’re willing to put your everything in? Sign up to our Purposeful Connections mastermind and discover purpose and the people you need on your journey. Leave with clarity and confidence to pursue your cause!

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