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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

How rebranding your business is like moving home.

We are in! I want to celebrate, but at the same time I feel uncomfortable. As a wise man once said, “it’s easier to obtain than maintain”. Now we’re on the journey of having to build a new life in a new home. 

It doesn’t matter how deeply you researched journey finding the right home for you and your family, there is always a lot to unpack and it will take a while for everything to be in its right place before you can start inviting guests.

It is the same story with a brand. Even if it carries an authentic message, you have to learn to unpack the brand and become familiar with the new surroundings. Although you have the message and all the assets, the new you will take some time to adjust.

At Cre8ion, we normally transition into regular work after the initial brand build in order to help people make the adjustment and we can then field any questions. In some cases, we hand over to internal teams and support in areas where those teams are less confident. Over the years we have helped schools and sports companies, tech start ups and tech scale ups, global networks and innovative retail brands and each time, without exception, adjustment has taken time.

Here are a few things that we have learned about implementing your brand over the years. If you’ve just been through the process, here’s how you can maximise the investment. 

Brand is a long term investment:

How do you get a return on investment with your brand? It’s all about trust. Trust is the return on your investment. People begin to trust you more than the competition. Listen, if the brand sucks, run for the hills. We work with a terrific property company who are doing just that, building a world for people starting out in property with a high investment in care. From video teaching to 5 day challenges, they understand that without the right foundation, they are not living what they preach. They have invested in their brand as they are teaching people the principles of property investment and how important it is to lay the right foundations. 

Brand should magnify who you really are:

Brand is a message and it takes a while to bed it down. Being authentic can feel a little worrying at times, but being who you really are stops you from having to act. The is the power of brand, it should build on who you are, not reinvent you into something you are not. It is like the show ’10 years younger’, where someone has been made to look anything but themselves. 

Brand takes time:

Just like your new surroundings, you will wake up one day on the other side and look back at where you’ve come from and realise how much better things are. I remember when we were served notice on our home after we had been in the process of buying We felt wronged and didn’t know how things were going to pan out. The family hadn’t changed but we had to reinvent the future. As I sit here typing this, it really does feel like a new season of success. The possibilities are infinite. 

Brand gives you confidence in the room: 

Speaking as the CEO of Cre8ion, I remember when we launched our new website and communications, and when we started to roll it out, we knew just how much better we were when it came to pitching for work. Our reputation had grown and our striking communications represented exactly who we are today, allowing us to compete for larger contracts. Today, our team and our brand are as strong as ever because we have invested in them. 

Brand continues to evolve:

In our Purpose Playbook we talk extensively about Mission being fixed and Vision progressing. Nasa exists to explore space (their mission) but their original vision was to land on the moon. Today it is more about Mars. So back on earth, you might want to be no.1 in the UK and then look to progress across to the US (a very tough market for British brands, just ask Tesco). In your home too, for example, the place where you put an ornament on day one, won’t necessarily be where it remains. And as you explore the local area, other things come on your radar, such as coffee shops, takeaways (we found two amazing ones just down the road), and the exciting prospect of meeting new people. So, while brand is a great foundation, your business will change and reshape itself. The key is having regular conversations with those that you trust and who want to build with you. Having a brand team help you regularly is highly recommended and better than a ‘one and done’ approach. This helps you with your regular marketing communications and helps give you clarity when presenting new offers.

Brand is an internal thing as well as external:

Your team is the greatest champion of what you are trying to achieve. Everyone should have a voice and listening to their voices brings you more credibility. As your business grows and the world changes, getting ‘on the ground’ insights is very helpful. Sometimes, the best recruitment takes place when you promote from within or you ask them what is really needed to go next level. The greatest advocate for your brand is your team when you give them space to build. Remember, you have the mission and carry a vision, but it will take everyone to get there. Nobody can do it alone. 

Brand is felt by your clients:

Of course, you wouldn’t be a business without clients and clients say a lot about who you are and what you can do. There is nothing better than your clients sharing just how you have made a positive impact on their business. Relationships take time and the more impact you create, the deeper the relationship becomes. Communication should alway promote clarity and when a business is well communicated the natural result is a stronger brand presence. 

While not every client will rush to a video screen, getting on one is a sure fire way of tripling your authenticity. Client testimonials on the small screen give you big screen visibility. They are also a great way of celebrating your wins, and hearing them say nice stuff always makes us feel good and gives your client the chance to reflect on how far they have come.

Settling in with any brand will take a while but that said, your investment in the long term will pay dividends. Brand is something worth investing in daily and something you build hourly, via posts on social media, phone conversations, managing campaigns and communicating with your database. The great thing about brand is when it’s done well, it speaks for itself. At Cre8ion we work hards to help our clients stay at the top of their brand game and ensure that they are at home with it. 

If you want to discuss how to maximise your new brand or are thinking about making the move, get in touch with us today and take some action to get the traction you deserve.

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