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Give your message momentum.

Learn to race at your own pace

Learn to race at your own pace, don’t look to the left or the right. Yes, I know, we’re being bombarded on all sides with horror news about wars, extreme weather and worries about wealth.The world is changing but that’s nothing new. It has always been changing. What’s more, it has been changing at pace, a pace that appears to be continually speeding up.

Yet, everything we see to some degree has happened before. Wars, Weather and Wealth all consistently inconsistent. Today’s news is shouting at us loudly about what is happening around us but if you take a step back and look over the horizon of history, you’ll see it has been going on for a long, long time.

Serious investors understand this and they see the peaks and dips as part of the process. They look at patterns and progress and they know that if you make decisions based on circumstances you lose money and opportunity. They sit back and watch and they don’t join in with the panic.

Recessions are nothing new, unfortunately, but to get through them we need to adjust our behaviour in the short term. We need to be careful though not be so radical that we stall our vision and lose site of why we started in the first place.

We have to have the conviction to ‘see it through’. In fact, I’d go as far as to say, that’s what real leadership is. Seeing it through is rare though. People are swift to lay blame and make excuses about why things didn’t work out or they just accept it and quit.

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So, here we are again. Budget panic, silent quitting, giving up, playing the victim, traits that don’t bode well for another season of trial and tribulation.

We need to remember that there will be winners. People will come out on top and have their best years yet, because they chose to question the alarmists, they refused to walk from the dream, and actually became the solution, rather than choosing to sit around waiting for the alarm to ring!

As an older man, I’ve been here before… as I am sure a few of you have. Here is the truth of the matter… you are going to have to show some grit, learn how to grind and remain grounded when all things seem out of control.

Panic is a pattern to program you out of your call:

Circumstances come to intimidate you, even the well work hardened. Circumstances can be deafening, but the right conversations will provide the clarity you need.

If your conversations are not getting you through, then change who you are having them with. You are not going to get strategic solutions from someone who has never been through these times before. That’s why having a few older heads on your side make all the difference!

Invest in age and experience. In times like these, innovation and ideas can be expensive, whereas wisdom and insight from those who have been through it before are actually priceless!

Being swift to hear and act is the flavour to the secret sauce of success.

Procrastination is a killer. None more so than now. If you don’t have the answer, be the answer. That’s right, being swift gets the job done and if you ‘can’ in the midst of all the voices saying we ‘can’t’, you cement your reputation.

Learn to listen to what is needed and then get it done. If you have to write copy for example, your clients might feel that they can write content and copy, yet, while they might indeed be competent, they actually don’t have the time. Stop waiting and hesitating, just seize the opportunity and deliver on the word count before you become part of a body count.

In tough times, people get fired first by not delivering consistently and that includes you. If you can’t provide solutions ahead of time, you’ll end up staying around long enough to become the problem. Another question to find an answer for. The best relationships come from being the solution, way before the revolution is needed.

Speed is 90% of sales. Not in pressuring for a decision but in giving people great answers to make decisions easier.

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Consistency beats crazy every time.

Too often people have been caught up in the Hollywood narrative of crazy wins, when being consistent takes the flag.

That crazy idea, that innovative app, that brand new programme are all great at the right time, but when times are tough, just doing well consistently speaks a lot louder.

Go back to what has formed your reputation over the years and double down on it. Speak more about it, blog, podcast, video, post on the thing you have most authority in.

In tough times people will spend on what’s already been proven. They don’t want to be wowed, they want what works. Consistency creates clarity, clarity gives confidence. Crazy is great, but in the midst of war, you can’t lose your head.

Do the thing that makes the most impact in the least amount of time, and double down on it, as it will be the most profitable, because to you it comes the easiest!

When you hit your purposeful vein of form, you won’t work hard, you’ll work smart and you’ll love it, because the impact you make is transformative.

Now IS the time for cause and not crazy!
Do things consistently on cause and get crazy out of your eye line.

Premium people are discovered in problematic times.

Thankfully, I have an amazing team. They are the jewel in the crown. I will fight and I have fought for them. I have fired clients who treated them badly and left money on the table knowing the opportunity didn’t align to our values.

The team don’t have to be asked to dig in, or do extra as the vision pulls them. We have made clients cry (happy cry), stolen breaths, snatched at hearts because we care. The team value the impact each client is committed to deliver and they are genuinely interested in other people’s success.

We have helped clients through tough spots and walked with people who have gone through tough times. We have been premium people when budgets were anything but.

Premium people are those that value people, purpose and planet, the benefit to the greater good. In the tough times, deep relationships are forged and not forgotten. Values make you valuable and for that reason alone, even in our tough times, we’ll come though stronger, like we did in the exiting of a charity, a pandemic and now the dreaded recession. We’ll be stronger, wiser and the best prepared.

So, in the middle of wars, weather and wealth crises know that we’ve been here before and collectively we can come through.

You need experts you can trust, those who know how to uncover the gold in the mud. We’ll show you how you can make purpose a priority and get famous at being your true authentic self by telling your story with the consistency and clarity.

You won’t have to cut your prices because people will see your past successes. No longer a race to the bottom but a race at your pace on your terms.

In tough times you don’t necessarily have the time to reinvent, it’s time to reinvest in what made you famous and doubling down on that narrative. Use the message, but maybe change the method! From a blog to a podcast, social posting to social grouping! The key is getting around those who are already doing it, and stay ahead of the curve.

Why don’t you join us?

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