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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

The swift rise of authority led marketing

Concorde was a game changer. Travelling at the speed of sound was a phenomenal achievement long celebrated, along with the Anglo French connection.

The challenge both airlines (British Airways and Air France) had was that the technology didn’t advance. After a serious of mechanical failures which ultimately became the cause of fatalities, the most beautifully engineered bird ever was retired.

Bristol Aerospace now house one of the Concordes in a huge hangar in Filton. It has become an exhibition space and it’s where Introbiz Bristol’s Expo will be hosted in 2023.

When I look at the whole Concorde journey it is an enlightening, if somewhat cautionary tale about innovation. The basic message of Concorde is that if you don’t move forward and choose to stay put, you will go from ‘cutting edge’ to ‘losing your edge’.

In your business, your brand and products need to evolve as the market changes. Years ago, marketing was all about conversions and much of the digital marketing out there exists to underpin that strategy. However, that isn’t all marketing is. It’s a tactic, but not the whole.

As a brand marketing agency we are seeing a shift away from a conversion led, numbers game to a switch back to storytelling and conversations.

Just like Direct Mail had its place and used to be the ‘go to’ trackable method before the world of web, it also had a negative effect as brands were broken down when direct mails were sent with a ‘scatter gun’ approach.  

A brand should lead with understanding the client and the world in which they live. Empathy is a power tool and finding your ‘who’ is based on the level of impact you can offer to help your target audience.

When you move out of the numbers game you become famous for the value you add and you begin to attract the people you do the best work for. What does that mean? You need less prospects.

How do you lead with empathy and tell the right story? You start by building an incredible brand and then lead with the value you add. Having the right message will require continual adjustment and adopting new methods to execute with. If you don’t adapt, your supersonic journey will begin to stall and your pipeline will get full of the wrong prospects, in spite of your marketing efforts.

The switch we are talking about goes beyond a scatter gun approach of conversion-led digital marketing, it’s more about establishing yourself as an authority. Rather than simply hitting the suspects with ads, you find them through membership of a tribe of common interest. The people you want in your world will also want more of the value you add because your message is clear and they get you!

Yes, you still need to market, BUT to less people! Because your identity is clear, others can identify with you. Let me give you an example: In our little group of sister companies, Cre8ion is purpose led, Introbiz is purpose led, Hum4ns is purpose led and so is Di9ital.

The unifying thing between all these entities is P U R P O S E.

So, this how we have established Cre8ion as an authority in the Purposeful Brands world.

We call it the 3D strategy.
Giving your prospects a clearer perspective of how you create impact:

3D = DECIDE, DO, and get DONE.

DECIDE: Taste and See (adding free value)

Purposeful Blog:
Weekly posts for free to Cre8ion Insights.

The Purpose Questionnaire:
Free resource that adds value and builds database.

The Purpose People Podcast:
Apple, Spotify, Google and YouTube, catch our mindset and HeartSet.

Purpose People Facebook Community:
Daily updates from over a thousand purpose people!

Purposeful Brands Keynote:
Keynote on building purposeful brands, for on and offline stages. 

DO: Buy and Try.

The Crisis Catalyst Book:
Living and leading by conviction in tough circumstances.

HeartSet Course:
Digitally discover your purpose with our 6 part online course.

The Purpose Playbook:
Our workshop on building a Purposeful Brand for your business using our 4 key pillars.

DONE: Go and Flow.

These services vary in levels of depth but all follow this CORE  journey.

Creative Strategy:
Three different creative routes for you to choose one.

Brand Build:
Message and methodology including assets.

Website Design:
UI and UX with Prototype of website.

Website Build:
Built with latest tech and training.

SEO Keywords for website and ongoing content strategy for blogs to social.

You see, Ad Words, Social Advertising and even Direct Mail are all good, BUT the best thing you can do for your business is lead with your wisdom and help others. Establish your authority first!

Here is the thing: Why not spend less on ads and conversions and MORE on relationships and conversations?

What made you supersonic won’t keep you there and putting the above in place will shift your brand and your business to be more impact driven and less income chasing.

The world around us has changed. People want to know the people behind the business. However, if you are fearful that starting conversations might mean you end up giving everything you sell away for free then find a subject that you CAN talk on for days! If you are on purpose led you WILL be able to. If you are struggling then start listening to our Pod, join our group and even invest on the HeartSet course.

Do you want to know one last secret? This is the best way to network. You don’t sell, you share. Going into a room with a sharing strategy in place behind you that still enables you to upsell gives you the confidence to relax, and that makes all the difference! Simply follow the DECIDE, DO and DONE links above to get a conversation started with us or choose which package fits you best and book a call!

And if you’d like to start some conversations of your own and get your business in front of some of the biggest names, why not join us and exhibit at the Bristol Introbiz Expo on the 14th September 2023? Just get in touch with James Daniell and he will show you where and how we can help you to take your business supersonic!

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