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Give your message momentum.

You can’t will your way over a wall, you need a ladder


Driving up one. Hitting one. Staring at one.

We all hit the wall at one time or another and when we do, we know we have to change our approach.

In life and in business a wall is an obstacle that seems too high, too wide or too deep. It’s insurmountable. After what seems like endless attempts to scale it, we start to get frustrated and the physical effects start to show.

So, how do we face the wall and deal with its silence and its cold hard stare? You feel so alone. And as you slow down your activity the wall feels colder. You place your back against it and slide down. In that moment you feel defeat. At the bottom of a high, tall wall.

So, what can a wall teach us? It doesn’t speak and it isn’t at all friendly, in fact it’s usually intimidating…

To an entrepreneur, business owner, or leader, the wall HAS to represent something more than discouragement. You certainly don’t want to hang a picture on it, you hate the view and you’ll do anything to find a way through…

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You need a solution in the midst of your solitude!

It was looking for a solution when faced with an insurmountable obstacle led me to the LADDER principle. It’s your tool to getting over it…

L – Lesson.

What is the lesson I need to learn? It’s patently obvious that the approach I have been taking is not good enough. Despite all the effort, I am still jumping and not getting over.

Stop focussing on your loss, and focus on the lesson. The lesson might be simply that you should have taken action sooner. Or that you should be taking more or less risks. Literally, you should be doing more of the opposite of what got you hitting that wall in the first place!

The wall isn’t a forever obstacle, it’s just stopping you moving forward in your present capacity.

A – Ask

Ask and answer. Questions unlock doors. Coaching has helped unlock so many ideas and opportunities to me by giving me a place to be asked the right questions. We’ll often hit the wall when we are not being asked questions.

The powerful thing about building brands is asking questions. Not easy ones. Difficult ones. Ones that you don’t have the answers for.

Every time we go through a Playbook we realise that the business owner probably hasn’t got enough people asking them the right questions.

Do you have someone? Someone that you know, like and trust? It is lonely at the top, alone? You need someone in your corner asking you questions!

Ask for help. You can, even though you may never have done so before. Who can you ask? Ask me! In just 15 minutes, I’ll give you the push and the pull you need to climb!

D – Decision

Make it. Make changes. Make the tough calls. Now. Invest in change. Don’t stand still. You have to make a choice to change what isn’t working.

Don’t take on more. Stop one thing that isn’t working and do something else. As an entrepreneur, business owner or leader you will be at capacity already.

You have to decide what to stop to decide when to do. Cut the ad spend to get the message right. Stop changing methods and get your momentum back.

Getting into alignment for your assignment means stopping something to turn aside and head off in the right direction.

Your head is telling you to move forward, but your heart is saying stop. Rest gives you reach. Get attuned to giving you voice vision!

Do it, do it now. Stop that thing and start afresh.

D – Draw

Draw your weapon. Your weapon is knowing what life looks like from an elevated viewpoint. After all, how can you hit anything without being able to aim at it? So, what do you want? What do you really want!

I love John Lennon’s reply when he was asked that question. He simply said, ‘Happy’.

You see, the clue to our picture isn’t the role, it’s the word. The simplicity of what you actually want. For some it’s freedom, for others it’s peace. For me, it’s influence and the quickest way to become influential is via consistency!

That is why you are seeing posts, pods, and projects! We are executing and helping people become an authority!


  • Draw up a vision of what you are aiming at.
  • Draw a crowd around it.
  • Draw the process to get there.
  • My word is ‘influence’ what is yours?!
  • Purpose is the motivation, influence is the goal.

E – Elevate

Climb. Climb out. Look up. The ladder is a series of steps out of where you find yourself. Climbing is communicating. The more conversations the more chance of discussing new ideas, collaborations, and chances!

  • Elevate the suppliers you have around you.
  • Elevate the circle in which you move.
  • Elevate the prices you charge, your worth.
  • Elevate, don’t hesitate.

Elevation is the revelation that the wall you are faced with is actually the vertical face of the next step! A ladder is the only way to move on up to next level living.

Elevation is being uncomfortable with strangers in strange places. The wall isn’t the end, its the surest sign that what got you there has to go to embrace what’s next.

R – Reach

Then step off the ladder and onto the new level.

Now you can reach the platform that you needed to step up to.

At the top of the ladder you step off and into the next phase of your journey. Furthermore, now that you’re higher up your voice travels further and more people can see you.

True reach is being comfortable with the attention because you are comfortable with whom you are becoming.

From impostor to influencer! You can be you and be confident that you are here to help your people. It’s your calling. You listened and came up higher.

L A D D E R – From wall to will.

You see, without a ladder the wall is impossible and yet with a ladder you can reach the next level. The height of the wall is actually the side of the stage set for you.

Now you have a new platform to be heard from and in front of you is another audience that you could not see before.

In order to serve the next level of people you desire to work with you have to learn to invest in you as well as investing in others.

You see the wall is a sign that you need to elevate your input to level your output. The audience is waiting on you to climb higher, travel further and ultimately step into your zone!

  • You WILL be an authority
  • You WILL be heard
  • You WILL step into your full potential

At Cre8ion we have the tools to turn your wall into the next step towards elevating your business. We give you the platform to stand comfortably above your competitors. You’ll have fresh authority with a message, method and the momentum you need to make an impact and dramatically change your income levels!

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