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Give your message momentum.

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If you Google ‘element’, this is what you get.

(EH-leh-ment) A basic part of a whole. In chemistry, it refers to a simple substance that cannot be broken down into smaller parts or changed into another substance. The basic part of an element is an atom, which contains protons, neutrons, and electrons. All atoms of an element have the same number of protons.

In the same way an element contains protons, neutrons and electrons, all of which contribute to its uniqueness, a business is built of smaller components, all of which need to work together and with the outside world, for its success.

Do they always work together? You and I know that the answer to this question is that they don’t always and it’s down to the leader to keep managing, innovating, shaping and improving to ensure that they do.

At Cre8ion, we build brands. For us, brands are bigger than just ‘look and feel’. Our brands engage clients and interest externally but they also build brand awareness and culture internally. We help your people to feel that they are part of something.

Tools to Shape Your Business

For any entrepreneur, business owner and business leader, the thing that makes you stand out is the broad shoulders you have to carry the weight of expectation from yourself (and of course, that of others). You need tools to do the journey, tools that can create a positive outcome.

Many of us didn’t get a degree for this kind of life and even those of us that did get a business degree, it still did not prepare us in totality for what real life had in store. So, we end up collating information from multiple sources (often from the experience of others) and deciding over a process of time what works for us and what doesn’t.

We started the Purpose People Facebook Group to help people on their entrepreneurial journey, and it has now turned into our flagship Podcast, The Purpose People Podcast. If you haven’t listened to it yet, then make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel, like and subscribe, or at the very least, catch us on Apple, Spotify or Google Podcasts. It has helped so many people and each week the number of people being impacted by it is slightly mind-blowing to me.

Recently, a friend of mine made a decision to quit their job after hearing on the Podcast about my own personal journey that started 22 years ago. They walked into their job and for the same reasons that made me start my own journey, seeking purpose, (ie. not being able to live with the moral choices of the organisation I was working for) they quit! Within two days they had found a new role and they thanked me for giving them the impetus they needed! I am sure we’ll get them on the Podcast, so I don’t want to spoil the story.

Frankie, a superwoman wellness coach, as a result of sharing about the reality of what women go through on her podcast, was privileged to hear about one listener’s reaction. Touched to the core, he sat with his wife and thanked them for all they had done during the birth and the months following the recent arrival of their child. It was powerful!

Now we are providing more value than ever by giving people easy access to some of the content that we believe makes a significant difference for people looking to make purpose a priority.

Let me introduce you to Cre8ion Elements. It’s an online shop that gives you immediate access to some of the tools we use to shape businesses and leave them in a much better place than we found them. Over time, we will be adding more tools for this journey, providing more access to help you to create an impact.

Here are the three flagship products available to either download or book to get you started on your journey…

HeartSet Course

This video course has reshaped people’s lives when they have felt lost. These videos and the downloadable guide help you work out what your purpose can look like by taking five 8-10 minute video sessions at your pace.

The course is FREE if you choose to sign up to Introbiz Bristol, but if you just want to get some clarity, it costs £99. A small price to pay to ensure you make the very best use of your Time, Talent and Treasure.

View and buy Element here

Purpose Playbook

This is our flagship product. This workshop session can be done online or in person and will transform the way your business operates. Leading with message, we work with you around four key pillars associated with Purposeful Brands, which are Belief, Belong, Best and Beyond.

Once you have your narrative established it is very easy to say yes to the right things and no to the distractions.

You can discover more here, and for start ups we are offering the playbook for half price. Want to start your business off the right way, and save the cost of mistakes? This tool is a must. For the existing business, we help you lead with conviction, rather than making decisions around circumstance.

View and buy Element here

The Crisis Catalyst

This is the lowest entry point but this book is a great companion for the journey. In this book, we have tried to give you new tried and trusted principles, one of which is The Crisis Cycle, that has helped thousands of people through tough times and reframe how they see crisis. After reading this, you’ll see crisis as an opportunity and one you’ll have the tools to overcome!

View and buy Element here (Physical or Digital)


Each one of these three streams of education have enabled me to put together a keynote that I have delivered at many venues, and have also spent time with leaders educating them in person.

I’m already booked for the Introbiz Expo in Bristol and I’m looking to add a few more dates to the diary for 2023 and beyond.

Cre8ion Elements helps us to help you by giving you bite sized access to some of our life changing products. We’ll continue to add to their number as we create more unique tools.

Purpose is our priority and it’s something that many people are talking about, but not many people are either living it or know how to start and maintain the adventure of a lifetime.

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