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The Purpose People Podcast Journey

We continue to build our podcast offering and it keeps creating more conversations around purpose. In fact, it has become our flagship ‘value added’ proposition.

Ultimately, our vision is to impact thousands of people looking to double down on a life of purpose.

Many themes have emerged along the way and as a team, we are excited about where it is taking us, and all the patterns and principles that have been discussed.

Here are our top ten discoveries – the ones that have given us the most insights into the best choices to make in the pursuit of purpose.

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Here goes…


What people study for at university/college isn’t necessarily what they end up doing!

The question around purpose doesn’t get asked early enough, and many people move away from what they originally decided to study for.


Crisis IS a catalyst for change!

I wrote a book on the subject because I was seeing this theme pop up with almost every CEO I worked with. They made the choice to change because the circumstances revealed a lack of alignment with what they really wanted to do. Crisis gets us to decide what we really want!


EVERYONE has a story to tell.

The crazy thing is that we often doubt ourselves and think no one wants to hear what we have to say. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Your journey has a way of encouraging people to keep going and continuing on the ‘path less travelled’. It isn’t easy, but the learning journey is transformative.


We all have battles aside from our main ‘cause’.

Death of parents, broken marriages, sick children, burnout – each person is fighting something. The road ahead isn’t clear and while focusing on the cause there are many reasons to crash.

Whilst pursuing cause, you can be carrying something else that makes the journey more difficult, but you can also still choose to keep going.


Purposeful people don’t think they have arrived.

Humility is a common value that purpose people hold and it appears to help these people to stay focussed. When success comes, they remain grounded and happy to share their experiences.

They also remain teachable and always wanting to learn more.


They enjoy talking about purpose.

Everyone starts worried and a little apprehensive but once they get talking in the podcast most could talk for much longer!

When people do what they love they become passionate about the possibilities. They get excited helping others win.

Purpose has become a priority.


They have all made mistakes.

Failure isn’t fatal. All (without exception) have made mistakes and failed. However, they learned to bounce back and kept going because the vision was bigger than a bad decision.

Practice makes progress and in the midst of that journey we will fail. I describe failing as more of a comma than a full stop. The comeback is always better than the setback!


Everyone has their unique perspectives.

Experience teaches us and allows us to explore how other people do life. Not everyone will do life like I do, because not everyone wants to home educate their kids or build multiple businesses.

The key is that each podcast will resonate with different people. The more people we talk to, the more diverse our conversations.

I am certain that not everyone will agree with everything discussed but that through conversations we can explore our fixed opinions (wherever we are listening from) and challenge them. We might even gain more clarity on why we hold them in the first place.


Family is everything

No matter the journey each person has been on, family is something that has become a focus and it can also be the one area that has suffered.

Knowing and loving the people closest to you is about being present (more than anything) and the pursuit of the wrong thing can alienate them.

One of the main motivations is either to ensure that family are not second best and that they don’t repeat the mistakes of the past in the present.

Life can be a cruel teacher BUT eventually people arrive at the same conclusion about the importance of family.


Living on purpose is the best option.

The purpose people that I have met wouldn’t do life any other way. They are choosing to go after it with all they have and they wouldn’t change it.

They have arrived at the conclusion that true living is doing everything to pursue and progress the priorities that purpose affords.

The best thing about pursuing purpose is that it has a positive effect. The progress made is the true success, not the destination.

Choosing your best life is the only life.


I am sure we’ll find a whole host of empowering insights, but why not listen for yourself and subscribe to our YouTube channel – The Purpose People Podcast as well as sign up on Apple, Spotify or even Google Podcasts.

If you want to be a guest please get in touch with the team at Cre8ion. Ryan (Head of Production) will get in touch and get you booked on.

To all our guests so far, thank you, and to all the team behind the scenes (including my family), a massive well done. It’s been a blast creating a little piece of weekly inspiration to impact people.

We have seen people change jobs, go full time on their side hustle and helped other people take advantage of the opportunities they had previously been hesitant about taking.

While I have been uncomfortable in front of the camera the stories we’ve heard have helped others find the courage to double down on purpose. I guess this is what makes me forget about not looking like a film star and realise that it’s all about facilitating something special.

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