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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

Certainty is underrated

We live in a world that appears to be asking more questions rather than honestly looking for answers.

Everyone wants to find their ‘why’, but there comes a point when you stop asking and you start doing. You have to step out and add momentum to embryonic solutions.

Certainty comes as a result of clarity and clarity is something you need in your life. If you don’t have it, I can help!!

I have learnt that comfort crushes conviction. So many people start off with great intentions and reinventions but along the way get seduced by comfort which allows them to turn a blind eye, switch down and say, “I deserve a rest.”

Work/life balance is very important and enjoying family life is the best thing that there is, but don’t forget, we all have skills and talents that need to be shared. There are more people out there that need you in their life.

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It’s strange to me that we could have been born at any time yet we are alive at this moment. We now have a choice whether or not to put our gifts to work and benefit our generation.

In the pursuit of trying to live more purposefully, I have walked away from certain things and, in doing so, I challenged other people to think more deeply. I think that there are many people who choose to do ‘normal’ at the expense of the longing that bubbles deep in their hearts.

Some are looking for permission or approval, a sign if you like, and for others, it will be a crisis that proves their metal.

Tough times don’t last, but tough people do. It’s not so much having to answer a call to ‘man up’ as a call to stand up and own our identity rather than hide behind a mask.

For me, the sleepless nights, angst and fear of reaction, leading up to making a change almost led me to settle for ‘normal’. However, I knew that I couldn’t and wouldn’t settle for less than what I was born to do!

The last few years have been challenging and the constant barrage of change has broken families, friendships and the focus of many people. For us as a family, as hard as things got, we never lost sight of why we do what we do.

For all the upheaval, the gift I have been left with from this season is certainty. I’m certain that purpose needs to be talked about, certain that we do indeed build incredible brands and I’m certain that our methodology and process can fundamentally change a business for the positive. I’m also certain that while the mission doesn’t change, how it is executed will change. I’m certain that our team are amazing, creative and inspiring and finally, I’m certain that we always go over and above.

Amid tough times there are always a lot of questions we ask ourselves and when we can’t answer them we start to doubt. Then, when we find the answer to those questions it works to strengthen our resolve and helps us double down on what we truly believe.

As we emerge out of the darkness of winter and into spring’s new promise, we can hold onto the lessons we gleaned when our dream was threatened. These are the things that will hold us and prepare us for the future.

The world around us appears to be shifting, people are starting to speak up, rather than playing the victim in a play in which the script has been written for them. Activism is on the rise, but not the kind that burns cars, steals stuff and persecutes those who don’t agree, no… a different kind… one that looks to be kind, do good and be more purposeful.

I want to connect with people who know that they were born to make a difference, people who dream and try to get better, rather than bitter. They want to explore opportunities with different communities, and share years of insights to help others stand on their shoulders and reach higher than they ever did.

Those are the people we were born to help. The ones who want to build a positive legacy, the ones who want to help others to be the most successful version of themselves. They see life from the perspective of a victor with challenges and not as victims of circumstance.

That’s why we want to give your mission momentum and give your vision voice!

Invest in the first step to establishing your true identity by honing your message and building around our four key pillars to help you now, and insure your future impact!

The Purpose Playbook is the first step to going all in.

Of that, I am certain.

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