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Give your message momentum.

The traction truth gives…

Media is changing and it’s changing fast. For creators, the world is becoming more open than we had realised. The Goliaths that have been controlling the airwaves for so long are struggling. Why is this? I would be so bold as to say that a generation of Davids is emerging and they are choosing to do things differently. People have had enough of making decisions and choices based on faulty information. They don’t want to be controlled by falsehoods.

The crazy thing is that, over the last few years, truth has started to make a comeback. What has been proven is that the public are not stupid and they have had enough of being made to look stupid. What’s more, a divisive agenda to split families, friends, companies and movements has been exposed. The media’s historical back catalogue of ‘news’ that has been pitched as truth, has in fact provided us a back catalogue of lies. What was said and what has been revealed later as truth has uncovered just how massive the gap can be between fact and fiction.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and even TikTok have all used the algorithms in their favour, and at the expense of yours. Originally, the motive was to serve up more content that you liked, versus content that you didn’t want to see, and that domain hit kept you coming back, fuelling views and clicks with advertisers looking to get in on the act, invading your thoughts and your heart. All of this content filled the gaps that had previously given you the time to freely process what was really going on. We saw the media jump on board and use algorithms as a means to promote a ‘paid for’ narrative. The more money that was spent, the more the narrative appeared and if enough people were saying the same thing, that made it ‘true’. Advertising, agendas and audience began to work in a way that destroyed truth, exchanging it for power. The victim was the population, AKA you!

Having closely followed the American narrative, from elections to lockdowns, I have been stupefied and to my dismay, the UK appears to have followed suit. Although in a more understated way, we have used the same patterns and principles as our bigger brother across the pond.

The common theme emerging around how algorithms dictate the way society behaves, and even thinks, is that you have to pick a side. Once you have done so, you help the algorithm serve this pursuit of power. In essence, voting isn’t just a way of choosing political person in power, it has been applied to everything. You have to choose between Nike or Adidas, you can’t wear both, oh no, you have to choose one. Then the algorithm’s divisive nature is the tactic that enables those at the very top to count the cash. 

One good news story is that brave, independent news teams are emerging, and they aren’t chasing the advertisers’ money, they are rather seeking to serve an audience with balance. This has left the mainstream media caught in the spotlight, and like blood sucking vampires, running for cover as their lust for money and power (which we we have freely given them) is being exposed. The credit they had with us has awoken us to the debt they owe. Broken homes, wasted finances and faded health have shown that we have been played. Now, guess what? We want our ball back.

The BBC has lost our trust, and ITV is in the process of losing it. In fact, these media outlets that have long been our national staples, and once held such an influence, have had a sinister impact and are falling and failing fast. Yes, even the good people who had jobs in the media are starting to break rank, refusing to be drilled into telling stories that are not true. The threat of losing their jobs if they choose to question the questionable is no longer much of a deterrent. Now, we are seeing public pressure mounting, and the truth is emerging, at pace, with evidence coming to light that astonishes even the most seasoned theorists. 

Jimmy Saville did what he did in plain sight. Rolf Harris also. So, is it no wonder that when Philip Schofield finally starts to tell the truth that everyone suspects the worst? With each new revelation, This Morning might be more appropriately named ‘This Mourning’. The very thing that cemented their status is the very thing that will ultimately bring them down. These days, walls have not just ears but cameras too and this means that the truth is coming out. What was done in secret is being shouted from the roof tops. The natural order of life is taking back the control. What is hidden is being exposed and, with rock solid evidence, even the loudest of liars has to change their position and find something new to talk about on TV. 

Look at the government, for instance. The narrative we listened to during lockdown wasn’t backed up by corresponding behaviour behind the scenes – in fact, for some people in positions of power life looked far, far different. And, guess what? The truth came out. 

You see, truth will always come out. Whether it is a church that has been lying to the congregation for decades or MP’s hiding their speeding tickets, the pursuit of truth is now becoming the counter narrative in a world that needs it. The public are finding their voice and saying with confidence, enough!

Elon Musk, last week did the unthinkable. He aired Daily Wire’s – ‘What is a woman?’ The liberal platform showing a conservative documentary on day one of Pride month. 100m views in less that 24 hours. Why? Because whatever your standpoint on the issue, the truth is indeed more sinister than people realise. Guess what all this will do? It will force the questions that need to be asked. Children are precious and they need to be protected, not carved up. Agendas, advertisers, and a one-sided audience have been hit and hit hard by this push back. Brands are being aborted. The stats are not backing up the facts and people are asking questions. Time is indeed telling us that people need more time to discuss complex issues, rather than allowing the feckless to make making copious amounts of cash, regardless of who gets hurt in the process.

Could it be in a world of lies, that people want truth? And now we are prepared to go and look for it ourselves? Personally, I believe that the biggest opportunity ever for filmmakers, writers and creators is upon us. If one platform won’t air the story, we can find another. Distribution is vital and going viral has more to do with finding the right stage then playing the algorithms. How did the Protestant church beat the Catholic abuse of power at the time of the Reformation? They discovered translation and the printing press. The truth of the matter was that anybody could find out about and have access to God through the Bible for themselves, they didn’t need to go through a priest. Nowadays, the church is still suffering from career ministers, with Catholic, protestant and evangelicals all getting away with it. However, the victims are finding their voices and speaking up – the congregation won’t have it any longer! Truth is invading the church even and that is for the better!   

We can all become explorers of truth and documenters of a brave new world who question the evidence that is set before us. People want to pursue the truth and break generational cycles of loss. The world would rather live a life hooked on drugs rather than build a life subjected to untruths. Even the ultra processed foods that pack our shelves are slowly killing us. Processed sugar is behind so many of people’s medical problems. The drug companies pouring their lies down sink can’t do it fast enough.

Covid was supposed to reset, to install a level of control not seen in the western world and guess what, they’ve all been caught, the voices on both sides have been sacked and now who is going to step into the breach? You! From being consumers, you can be producers. That technology in your hand is the lens to show you a new way. Enough! It is time to seek the truth by telling it. 

Stop for a moment and consider, what is the cause you need to champion? Who can give you unfiltered evidence, with verified sources, rather than fact checkers funded by a narrative inducing scheme?

Who is brave enough? Who is ready? Rather than being distracted by who is dating who, who scored what goal and when, the time has come to participate and create notable news stories that give people dates to remember.

The world of marketing needs to move away from propaganda and back to telling the truth and sharing good news. We need to become a force for good! 

Peddling untruths, such as cows milk being good for you (a plan to shift more cereal, by advertisers working for cereal makers). Coincidentally, my body has felt 200% better since ditching normal milk for the oat version. The truth tastes a lot sweeter!

Any unscrupulous groups who have created slogans to push harmful agendas (think Nazism for example) all got caught because truth won. Evidence-based truth gives me hope that a new generation of storytellers are ready to accept the challenge to be the best for the people, the nation and ultimately the world. 

This is my desire – to turn technology back to truth.

Find your story, your scoop of truth, it might be the product you have that will change the lives of others, or the service that saves. When you have found it, then, find your platform and share it only with the filter of truth to help those that need it the most.

The truth sets people free. Find it, Feel it and Flourish with it. What are you waiting for? The people who need what you have are giving you permission for this mission.

Cre8ion can help you tell your story authentically, and we take the time to deep dive by using our Purpose Playbook. When you have a story backed by facts, you create a foundation that stands the test of time and becomes louder than the noise. Clarity above confusion.

Personally, I like nothing more than watching or reading anything that is based on a true story, because for me, authenticity acts like electricity! We can apply this same principle to your brand, telling your story in an impactful way that reaches your audience.

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