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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

Consistency is underrated.

Each week I send out content. I don’t do it for kicks or clicks but I send content out because I believe if I can help one person to keep going, keep growing, pivot, quit, say yes, change their life and ultimately double down on what matters I believe I am doing what that 400-1 million chance of being alive on this planet afforded me to do. 

I do this every week and because I keep writing that I even wrote a book (never thought that would be possible). Why? Because the power of consistency is underrated. 

Showing up to every networking event, regular posting of content, filming podcasts, jumping on zooms, travelling to face-to-face meetings, checking in, writing on walls, making comments, and responding to WhatsApp all help in building relationships that produce opportunities. 

For many, the motive is making money, but for me, it has always been opportunities that are the most transformative. How to help one another, how to add value, share insights, and then opportunities present themselves. 

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Saying yes more than no has been a big part of it. Yes, at times it is tiring and yet when my body says no, it’s the spirit of adventure that lives within that nudges me and says, ‘Go!’ 

Consistency is the difference between growth and stagnation. It is hard at times and yet, that consistency has produced time and time again. 

I remember being asked to attend a course presentation and at the last minute, I was asked to share my experience of a course I had completed on the previous intake. 

I got home, and everything in me wanted to say no. I was tired, I had been out already, and yet the nudge said go. I took the stage and shared my experience and at the end of the talk, someone walked up to me and invited me to a meeting that would turn into a successful 5-year contract until their exit. It stuck with me. There’s power in showing up! 

Being consistent with content has shown me that you won’t always get the engagement for your stats but you will always have ‘watchers’. These ‘watchers’ tend to emerge at networking events and they have given me some amazing opportunities. Guest speaking slots have emerged from seeing a conversation aired on a reel and given me an opportunity that would otherwise have scrolled by! 

Many a sale has been lost by not being consistent. Keep the conversation going. I think my record has been 7 years of ‘checking in’ and at the right time, things changed. In all that time the powers that be watched and at the opportune time, called. 

You see, it is easy to be obsessed with algorithms and stats and while it is good to have an understanding, doing the right thing opens doors. For example, updating our LinkedIn profile prepares us for another opportunity, yet we put it off! 

One of the other businesses I am growing is HUM4NS which is built on a meeting every Tuesday from 7-8 (or slightly earlier if there is a Champions League clash), and it has produced an award-winning business impacting hundreds of people every month. 

If you want the results that not everyone gets then you have to do things that not everyone else is doing. That in essence is consistency. Failure may not come as the result of a worldwide conspiracy but simply be a failure in consistency. 

Consistency is slow-moving. It takes time. One step in front of the other step. It takes effort, and you may not see any reward, rather like changing eating habits for health or exercising, it takes discipline. 

For many entrepreneurs, the focus has been on freedom and the promise of a better life without the ugly truth that the discipline of consistency is where the winners win. 

Not giving up, repeating yourself, delivering your best, showing up, being kind, and quitting negativity are all things that drive results. A brand doesn’t win with just one campaign, it wins on consistency, The more it repeats the more the voice is heard. 

If Cre8ion is about purposeful brands, you will find Di9ital is about making software simple, HUM4NS is about collective learning and Introbiz is about creating opportunities. It’s the consistency of delivery and implementation that create result after result. 

So what is the secret to success? Consistency. What does consistency do? It keeps going. 

Here are ten truths that will keep you consistent: 

  1. Circumstances will not always favour you, but keep going. 
  1. The deeper the conviction, the more consistent you’ll find people. 
  1. Showing up when you don’t feel like it often opens the right doors. 
  1. Always keep conversations going, there is a reason why you have met someone. 
  1. Brands are built on consistent messaging, not one-off campaigns. 
  1. More people watch than engage. Be available for the watchers by producing. 
  1. More conversations = more opportunities. 
  1. Moving forward step by step is better than worrying about pace. 
  1. Give without expectation, people see your heart. 
  1. Just do it, you will not always feel like it. 

Consistency takes you ever closer to your goals. Become an expert at it. Why? Because you will spend more time in the valley of consistency than on the mountaintop celebrating your goals. The destination is important, it’s the vision, but your values are demonstrated in the journey. Put consistency at the top of your values list! 

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