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A legacy that lasts.

Creating Belief

A legacy that lasts.

We Bridge - Education

Making educational personal

Mockups Design

WeBridge Academy - With us education is personal

WeBridge are an ESOL college based in Cardiff. They help overseas students learn English in order to get to university. 

A purpose led approach

WeBridge did not have much online infrastructure and an archaic admissions system which lead to a heavy admin burden as well as being environmentally unfriendly. Existing branding did not reflect their USP……..

After the marketing workshop, Cre8ion created a brand story around “Picture This” – their opening campaign with passport style photos of the students before arriving, and then another with them dressed in clothes reflective of their chosen career.

Mockups Design
Mockups Design

Finding the right fit

We designed and built a website that was able to take the whole admissions process online. Students could upload files and fill out applications at a convenient time and all the college admin staff had to do was process applications, once completed. We also filmed an introductory video, shot on location, where we interviewed staff discussing the benefits of study at WeBridge. We placed it on the home page. 

An innovative approach

The messaging led with the fact that over 90% of students progressed to university and achieved their future goals having studied at WeBridge.  

We Bridge Photo Strip Mockup

Website - WEBridge Academy

Mockups Design

The result

What we have is a great website which communicates Webridge’s USP very effectively through every brand communication. 

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CDZ have a modern and inspiring website, clear messaging and an incredible back story showcased. We must say, many of us love tech in all it’s guises and this website certainly does reflect a new way, while showing just how far we have progressed! Check out the website

We build brands that inspire belief and create belonging, to become the best in their sector and go beyond expectations.

Our process all starts with the playbook, a workshop that will get to the core of your value proposition and clarify how you can connect with customers.

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