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Showing Your

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Showing Your

A message behind the method.


What was it that initially drew you to Cre8ion?

Our company had grown, and evolved, and we were at the point where the name of the company quite simply didn’t say what we were anymore. We still do what we always did, but it wasn’t quite the brand that we wanted. So I spoke to Darrell, met him at a networking event and we talked about this thing that you do which is the playbook, which was really interesting in terms of turning what we believed in, and our vision into something that would say that through our brand, so that’s where we started.

What challenges have Cre8ion helped you overcome?

To really truly describe what we stand for, and to bring to life the story of kind of who we’ve been, where we’ve been, and the product that we have that we wanted to put forward, and also as part of that to bring out the real passion and the real vision that we had as a company, so yeah those three things.

What one thing stands out working with Cre8ion?

It’s gonna sound like a broken record but the playbook, definitely, it was the structure of that, that allowed us to, do nothing other than think through what was important to us, why it was important to us, what that meant for us as a group of people. So that was the process that you took us through but also from the point of view of your team, just really clear on everyone’s roles, really good with communication, really collaborative with us, so it was always a case of listening to us and putting forward suggestions, but never being overly prescriptive so we felt like we had a voice in the whole process.

Can you share what working with Cre8ion looked like?

We met first of all with Darrell, and through the playbook which was just great to help us out, we had a couple of people on the call with us, then there was the creative process where you came back and played back a couple of the suggestions, well three suggestions, the wild card is the one that we went for in the end as part of the visual representation of the brand, and then moving that into building the website, building all the pages and the things that we wanted to put out there in terms of copy as well, and we had a lot of help from Clare with the copy for that, which was great, cos sometimes you know what you want to say but you don’t always know the best way to say it, and that’s where Clare really came in.

Would you recommend Cre8ion to someone else?

Yes I absolutely would, so from my point of view it’s quite simple, you helped us bring to life, some things that we’d been thinking about for a little while, and you helped us put that out there in a brand that was really clear for us, so yeah you definitely brought it to life.

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