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Showing Your

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What was it that initially drew you to Cre8ion?

We were on NatWest accelerator. Darrell from Cre8ion was doing a talk. I really liked you know, when you just make an instant impression. I liked what he talked about, and what he talked about values, and purpose and mission, and that sort of fitted very similar to where we are, that’s quite important to us. Looked at the work that you guys have done. Looked at what you’ve done before. Yes we did look at a few other people, it wasn’t really down to price, it was the sort of belief we had that this was gonna be the right sort of person to work with, and that turned out to be right.

What challenges have Cre8ion helped you overcome?

Oc2pus is all about a team of people, and we know what we’re good at, and we also know what we’re not good at. Really it’s having that trust of them being able to listen to us. What we wanted to achieve from the website, the fact that we’re small, we want to stay small, we target young startup or small businesses, and we wanted a website that reflected that, didn’t want to be corporate and that’s really what we just felt that we had the trust with them that they were gonna do that.

What one thing stands out working with Cre8ion?

We had good communication. I felt that they actually took the time to understand us. We had a really good presentation at the beginning where they explained, what they thought and they took our feedback on board. There were bits that we really loved and there was bits that we weren’t so sure about and actually a couple of weeks in I probably had a sort of, well I’m not sure about that, and it was “yeah fine” and they changed it, and that process was not hard work.

Can you share what working with Cre8ion looked like?

From the start it was getting an understanding of what they do. How they do it, what their processes are, then sitting and having that sort of casual relaxed conversation which didn’t feel rushed, explaining where we’re at, where we want to be, what we think we want, listening to some suggestions, and then going back in a few weeks later and seeing what they’d put together as a strategy for us. Going through that again, probably quite a few hours of talking and discussing and really getting to understand it, and then further on, coming back with the even more refined product. And then once the website was finished, about that sort of how do you manage this website, are we gonna manage it, do we manage it ourselves, what help do we need? And there was very much a, “you know it’s not finished when we hand the website over to you”, and since then over the last year and a half, I’ve had numerous conversations where I’ve been able to pick up the phone and go. “I’ve forgotten how to post a blog”, and you know, there’s been someone on the end of the phone that’s been able to do that.

Would you recommend Cre8ion to someone else?

We would recommend because of what we do, so our business, as I mentioned earlier, is helping small businesses start, and we have a number of key partners, why would we continue to work them?, cos we trust them really. They are decent people to work with, and that’s massively important for us. Their values and purpose are very very similar, and that’s the only people we’ll continue to work with.

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