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Showing Your

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What was it that initially drew you to Cre8ion?

We had an initial 15 minute conversation with Cre8ion. Very informal, and we’d really been struggling over the last sort of few months to articulate what we do, and really tell our story and get our message across, and in that 15 minutes I think we probably learned more than we had learned in the last 2 years around actually how to really capture the essence of what we do. Data is quite an abstract concept to a lot of people, and it’s very hard to be able to condense the many sort of complex things that we do down into a clear sort of vision and mission for the business. Talking to Cre8ion we were able to really capture that essence of what we do. It was really value driven, it was helpful, it was a genuine desire to help us.

What challenges have Cre8ion helped you overcome?

I think firstly it’s being able to articulate who we are, what we are about and what we do. A lot of our customers, they haven’t got a lot of time, and they need to really understand what we do quickly, so that creative strategy that we did with Cre8ion, it’s really helped us to stand out, so a couple of ideas as part of that were things like snap cards, a campaign around “are you datable”, you know making it fun, making it interesting and that’s quite difficult to do with data. Cre8ion have actually helped us to be able to do that, and as a result of that we’ve actually seen a lot of direct business come our way.

What one thing stands out working with Cre8ion?

The thing that really stands out with Cre8ion, is the broad range of services that you guys offer. So what we found with some other agencies is that, there was always something they couldn’t do. With Cre8ion it really is a full end to end service from creative strategy, to the technical side, to the copywriting. You know, it saves a lot of time and it’s been really effective for us.

Can you share what working with Cre8ion looked like?

What struck us was the way that Cre8ion really listened and tried to understand our business, so rather than presenting to us and death by PowerPoint, it was very much a session which enabled us to talk, around what we do to have been able to take a concept that’s quite abstract, and turn it into something that’s fun and interesting with the “are you datable” campaign, with the snap cards and with some of the other ideas, we were super impressed, we were really really pleased with the output from that section.

Would you recommend Cre8ion to someone else?

Absolutely 100% I would recommend Cre8ion. They’re super collaborative, very very responsive and they’ve really helped us to bring our brand and our story to life, and that’s exactly what we’re looking for from our marketing partners.

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